You know what I don’t do? Buy anything at full price.. OR purchase any clothing that can’t be mixed and matched with the other clothing in my closet. Unless of course, I’m going through some kind of *very* serious crisis. Those only happen once a month though. I mean. Well.


Anyway. Hi there! I’m Bailey, a young mom of two sweet girls in Washington state. Part of being a young mom means that 1. I’m not ready to wear “mom clothes,” whatever that is. And 2. I also don’t love clothes that are uncomfortable or impractical because I am always chasing someone, whether it be a dog or a tiny human. I’ve spent an embarrassing amount of time finding a middle ground. My own style, clothes I love putting on everyday, that don’t cost a fortune (because kids, man) but that also allow me to be myself and feel like the young, cool mom that I am. *toots own horn* I love every single thing about being a mother. All of it. Even the shitty diapers and midnight feedings. But, I am so not going to pretend like I’m Susie Homemaker. Surprise! I’m not. Have you seen the pile of dishes in my sink? I was too busy bargain shopping to get to them. I’m obsessed with saving money (it sounds better if you say it that way). On clothes, mostly. But also on beauty products, accessories and occasionally home decor.

I know you aren’t fooled by that beautiful Instagram feed. I’m just like you, except probably even more of a hot mess.  So stick around. Let me get to know you! And I’ll find you some bargains while we’re at it! XO




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