Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

I want to preface this by saying – a lot of what Nordstrom carries is either 1. Not casual enough for me or 2. Priced above what I want to spend. So I’m not a regular at Nordstrom! I did find some awesome deals though!

Also – if you shop using my links (even if you buy items that aren’t listed here) I may get a small commission. It doesn’t cost you any extra & I won’t see any of your info. But this is how I can justify running a blog and taking the time to find bargains for you all to enjoy. XO

I’ll start with my absolute favorites.

These Madewell jeans will be a staple this fall/winter.

This top will be perfect for tying at the bottom and wearing super cozy this fall!

Since when does Dr. Scholl’s make such cute shoes? Shop them here!

This top is such a good fall basic! Comes in several color combos as well as solids. Less than $20.

I have a feeling this is going to be THE cardigan to have this fall. Comes in 4 different colors! Shop here!

This crop comes in both ivory & black. A must-have! Shop here! Also less than $20.

The perfect slouchy v-neck for under $15. I got it in this perfect mauve color! Plenty of color options as well! Shop here!

Here’s another great pair of jeans that will be great through fall!

Love this perfect slouchy sweater! Lots of color options!

I have a jacket almost identical to this from last year and I wore it constantly. This is a must-have! Shop here!

These Steve Madden slides are amazing. They come in several colors as well!

I’ll be adding to this post throughout the sale so feel free to come back!

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