DIFF Eyewear Try-on & Discount

(Not sponsored)

Before I found DIFF eyewear, I didn’t own a single pair of sunglasses. Shame on me. But not because I didn’t want to wear them.

I would go to Target and try on every single pair, twice. And not a single one looked good on my face. So I just gave up on finding a pair. It’s a confidence blow when not a single thing you try on looks “good” on you.

I found DIFF, had to have the “Zoey” and fell in love when I tried them on. Since then I’ve tried, Astro, Bella, Cosmo, Penny & Carson also. And all of them except Carson were LOVE for me. (I think Carson was just too chunky and my hair looked weird draped over the arms). But I’ve seen tons of people pull them off beautifully.

DIFF also donates one pair of reading glasses to someone in need for every pair purchased. They don’t just load up boxes of glasses and ship them to some place, either. They physically go to remote villages and help the people choose the correct strength, etc. They even share the stories of some of the people who benefit from their charity. Check their Instagram for more info on their philanthropy!

ANYWAY – I wanted to share with you each of the styles I have and what they look like on a human face. 😂

& here’s a discount. Just for you, love.

First up – PENNY

(my absolute fav) the detail on the arms is just amazing.



(Another fav of mine, just the perfect, simple sunglasses!)


(My second favorite pair. I’ve been wearing these for a week straight.)


(My first love)

Click here for a discount on your first pair!


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