Daily Makeup (Kind Of)

Who am I kidding? I don’t wear daily makeup. But if I had to wear makeup everyday, this would be it. I’m not a makeup guru by any means, so don’t expect anything super fancy from me! But here it is! XO

I wear this cc+spf in place of foundation. It’s light enough so I don’t feel suffocated & has just the right highlight in it. I’ve also burned through an entire tube of this and would buy it again anyday. They are very very similar, one is just illuminated. I’m all about the “glowy” look.

Truthfully, I only have the travel size of this mascara, but I’ve used it a few times and really love it. When I become a real adult and stop buying drug store mascara, this will definitely be my go to. My current “everyday” mascara is here.

Brows. My favorite. I use two products, not at the same time. But I alternate this one & this.

I also use the eyebrow gel on this duo. I don’t use the eyelash gel though.

I only wear lipstick once or twice a week, but when I do, I wear this one! My favorite shade is 06 – Tan Lines. It’s pictured on the far left below.

I use pretty basic brushes like these and probably don’t even use the proper brushes for each part of my routine, but it works for me and I’ll learn more about it when I’m feeling ambitious.

I do wear highlighter on my cheekbones but it’s a random brand that came in an ipsy bag, so I’m not sure where to even buy it! That’s it for makeup for this mama!

I don’t use a lot of hair product either, but I do love a couple products by Not Your Mother’s. I put this moisturizer on my wet hair & use this dry shampoo when my hair gets too oily. I try not to wash my hair too much, so dry shampoo is crucial for me.


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