AE New Arrivals 11/28

Cyber Monday is over, but AE still has 25-50% off online, including their new arrivals! So here are a few I’ve got my eye on, that you can expect to see on my feed soon! Please shop using the links in this blog post or through the app.


Product Image

1. ^^ This floral skirt-all has my heart. ADD. TO. CART. THNX.

Product Image

2. ^^ This tie front top totally caught me off guard, but it would be GORGEOUS with an oversized cardigan and will work wonderfully in Spring all by itself. DOUBLE WIN.

Product Image

3. ^^ I LOVE LOVE LOVE these tops for tucking into high-waisted jeans. I don’t normally gravitate toward floral prints, but I do love this one.

Product Image

4. ^^ This flannel comes in SO many good color options & they’re all equally great for different reasons. Perfect for using in place of a cardigan or for the tied in a knot look. You can also size up and it will cover you butt in leggings!

Product Image

5. ^^ This embroidered pull-over is so perfect. It also comes in solid options, w/o embroidery. I’ll link them below!

Product Image

6. ^^ Here’s the solid version of #5, the embroidered pull-over.

Product Image


7. ^^ THESE. JEANS. My heart. A staple pair, no doubt.

Product Image

8. ^^ This cadigan has the perfect slouch, the perfect fringe & comes in this amazing color. All the things.

Product Image

9. ^^ I’m always looking for tops that are comfy & simple like a t-shirt but that look nicer than a plain t-shirt. This button-front top achieves all those goals. Also available in cream.

Product Image

10. ^^ I don’t think I’ve ever seen a cozier looking sweater. Ever. And I’m always down for some black & white stripes!




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