The graphic tee, a cardigan’s best friend.

I’m a lover of graphic tees, no doubt. But finding the perfect one can be difficult. I’ve rounded up a few really great ones in case you’re on the hunt!

Slide View: 1: Project Social T Constellation Tee

Constellation Tee // Definitely at the top of my list.

Slide View: 4: Future State Flower Chart Tee

Flower Chart Tee // Seems random, but this tee would be amazing with jeans and an oversized cardigan. Plus hi-tops? Sign me up.

Product Image

Pink Floyd Tee // I love when the graphic is perfectly faded like this.

Product Image

NASA Tee // I actually have this tee w/ a different graphic on it and LOVE the fit. Perfect for tying in a knot!

Slide View: 1: Peanuts Holiday Caroling Sweatshirt

Peanuts Holiday Crew // I am beyond obsessed w/ this. We probably shouldn’t even talk about it.

Product Image

The Stones Crew // This one reminds me of my dad, he would be SO proud.

Slide View: 1: Junk Food Disney Crew-Neck Tee

Junk Food Tee // I don’t even know. But I know it would look awesome with a funky cardigan and chucks & I also know my kids would appreciate it. #momlife

That’s all! XO

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