June & January


If you’ve followed me on Instagram for any amount of time, I’m sure you’ve noticed a trend in my children’s outfits. Comfortable & colorful. Although I’ve never been on the “character clothes” train, I do think that kids should like the clothes they wear. When my oldest daughter grew an insane love for the color pink, I wasn’t going to tell her she couldn’t wear pink because of my own color preferences. But I also wanted her to be decked out in pink in the most tasteful way possible. My kids’ ability to play, eat, run & live in their clothes is EXTREMELY important to me. If I can’t use stain remover on it, or if it can’t be worn to play outside or eat spaghetti, it’s not for me or my kids. I’m ALWAYS all about their comfort and about them being happy in their clothes. June & January provides all of the above for us. I have been buying from the female-owned, small brand for three years now and have never been displeased. Their clothes withstand wash after wash after wash, they are so easy to pair and create cohesive outfits with, their customer service is out of this world & my kids love their clothes. There isn’t a single thing from J&J that Paisley isn’t stoked about wearing. Getting two kids dressed is much easier when there’s no fussing about what to wear.

I’ve linked some of our very favorite, absolute must-haves from J&J, along with pictures of those pieces on one or both of my kids. I couldn’t possibly share every picture we have in J&J because they are endless. I’ll share a 20% discount code at the end of the post & as always, please shop using my links if you feel compelled to jump on the J&J train!



The Swing Dress // from top left: teal, slate, cobalt, poppy, violet.

Also pictured at the very top of this post in the color Poppy, the swing dress is something we always have in at least two colors. Over the past few years we’ve had this piece in almost every color ever made. It’s made of their signature, soft, cotton blend and looks amazing on kids of every age. This teal swing dress is hands-down P’s favorite J&J item.


The Basic Pant // from top left: poppy, marigold, plum & marigold.

The basic pant is our most used item in my girls’ closets. They are almost exclusively the only pants they wear. I don’t really buy leggings from the box stores anymore because the basic pant is cuter, more comfortable & doesn’t fade/shrink 4 sizes when you wash them. We have these in so many colors, some of which we have worn holes in the knees because we have loved on them so dang much.


The Twirl Skirt in Patterns & Solids // from the top: au lait stripe, teal & onyx.

I know I have tons more pictures of Paisley in the twirl skirt, but here are a couple favs. I always, always, always pair it with a tee or crew neck sweatshirt tucked-in. Another one of our absolute favorite J&J pieces. P wore one to the pumpkin patch this year with tights and hunter boots and it was EVERYTHING.


The Cardigan in SolidsStripes // from top left: poppy, avocado, raspberry & onyx stripe

The best part about cardigans is that they make it possible for my girls to wear t-shirts in the colder months. I even keep one for each of my girls in my diaper bag, just in case we get chilly at the grocery store, in a restaurant, etc. Size up for a looser fit, or size down for the fitted look (like the raspberry cardigan above).


I definitely have an abundance of photos of my girls in June & January. We live in their clothing and have been since December 2015. #jjmakesclothesfor LIVING.

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