All the best crossbody bags!

Now that my youngest babe is almost 2, I don’t have to carry all the craziness that goes into a diaper bag. HALLELUJAH. I get to transition back into wearing cute bags that I like just because, not because they have all 30 necessary pockets & enough room to hold two entire gallons of milk. I kid. But seriously, the diaper bag game is no joke. If you need a good one, I can help you there. But for now, let’s talk about the crossbody bag. It’s small and lightweight. It forces you to carry just the necessities and quit hoarding four years worth of receipts. Yeah, you. I see you with all those receipts and half-full stamp cards from your favorite coffee shop. So here we go. I rounded up some favs, all under $70.

Kamden Crossbody (left) // Hexagon Crossbody (middle) // Emerald Gumdrop (right)

Pink Tassel Crossbody (left) // White Bucket Bag (middle) // Suede Shoulder Bag (right)

Grey w/ Handle (left) // Mini Trapezoid Bag (middle) // Cognac Tassle Bag (right)

Envelope Crossbody (left) // Green Shoulder Bag (middle) // Woven Circle Bag (right)

A crossbody for everyone! XO

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