Cozy December Outfit Inspo

I’ve been sharing some really awesome finds lately but haven’t shared much about how I’d style them. So here’s a few idea boards including some of the pieces I’ve shared lately that have gotten a lot of love. Remember you can always find me on Instagram if you have questions about ANYTHING at all. I hope you see at least one thing in this post that inspires you. Feel free to shop through the links provided. Happy December!

Jeans // Turtleneck Sweater // Sneakers // Scrunchies // Crossbody Satchel

High-Rise Jeans // Two-tone Cardigan // Chelsea Rain Boots // Striped Tee // Crosbody Bag

Turtleneck Sweatshirt // Leather Leggings // Rose Boots // Puffer Vest

I’ll add more later! XO

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