My Christmas List (Gift Guide)

First at the top of my  Christmas list is this – for my blog to be successful and reach all kinds of women all over the country. To inspire them to treat themselves when they need it, buy the things they love & wear the clothes they feel like them self in. To inspire them to chase every dream, wear the fun sneakers w/ the space buns, try out new looks no matter how wild or unconventional and to connect with those women along the way. SO w/ that said, thank you all for supporting this dream and for sharing my pages with your friends near and far – Cheers to you all!

P.S. HI MOM. I see you, there. LOVEYOU.

First up – a set of good, affordable makeup brushes. I like the idea of purchasing them in a set because it often makes them cheaper & usually pushes me out of my “normal” routine when I have a new, pretty brush to use! I’m not a makeup artist, so I’m not super picky about my brushes, but I do always buy a decent brand & I always, always, always go for synthetic bristles. All of the brushes I have are mismatched and a little haggard, so I could definitely use a new set, so I can retire some of the old ones. I actually recently got an it Cosmetics brush with a super short handle, and I really love the way it fits in my hand, so I included a set with short handles as well.



it Cosmetics Brush Set – This set is regularly $48, marked down to $33. My absolute favorite brush is this brand so I can assume these are also amazing. A good selection of the most commonly used brushes, too.

Short Handle Kabuki Set – Only $20 for the set of 5. These are very close to the top of my list. Slightly obsessed! You might* be able to get a discount by signing up for emails.

12-Piece Set – TWELVE brushes + a cute bag for 25? Alrighty then! I’ll take it. Obsessed with these white handles & the amazing selection of brush styles that are included. I could replace every brush I own with this set. Santa, send one of these my way.

I will never lie to you about the disaster that is my bathroom. I have no real way of storing my makeup or brushes. Just a mason jar on the counter w/ brushes in it, and an extremely messy drawer with all my makeup tossed in it. I gross myself out sometimes. Lol. BUT – Maybe I’ll solve that problem this year with an actual makeup storage system.


White Swivel Stand – I *personally* prefer this style makeup/brush storage. It’s more my aesthetic and I like that it doesn’t have drawers for me to fuss with. It spins 360 degrees and can hold 75 pieces. And it’s gorgeous. You can also get 20% off one item from this retailer by signing up for their emails. Worth it.

Acrylic Makeup Storage – This style seems to be the most popular right now, and I totally understand why. Super pretty and very feminine. Also very affordable!

Eyeshadow palettes are on my list for two reasons; 1. Because I will never buy them for myself. No matter how long I’ve looked at a palette, no matter how perfect it is, I just never spend money on something like that for myself. 2. Because every time I’ve gotten an eyeshadow palette, it has inspired my creativity in a HUGE way. I see makeup as an art, and I think trying out new eyeshadow shades & techniques can be extremely fun!


Norvina Palette (left) – This palette WAS on my Christmas list but my makeup obsessed friend bought it for me as an early present. She’s probably reading this, so THANK YOU friend. MUAH. Anyway – I watched a few Youtube videos w/ this palette and was obsessed pretty quick. The colors are just adventurous enough for me & the quality is out of this world.

Dream St. Palette (middle) – This is the most insanely affordable palette, with some really amazing colors. I love that it has a couple fun blue shades, because I would normally stray from those, but it also has a lot of really great neutrals. I would really be inspired to try something new with this one.

Fall Into Frost Palette (right) – I really love this one. 35 high quality colors for 25 bucks. BARGAIN. I really feel like this palette could be the one & only for SO many people. Those colors are some of the most versatile you can get. Really, super love this one.

I use the same curling iron every single day, unless I wear my hair straight (it’s naturally super straight and pretty thin). So my curling iron gets worked hard and the one I’m currently using has a LOT of miles on it. I was introduced to this brand for the first time while I was in cosmetology school and I’ve been in love ever since.


Nano Ceramic Curling Iron – I love, love, love this curling iron. It’s gorgeous and really, really good quality. There’s a BOGO promo going right now, too. If you buy this curling iron, you get the straightener for free. FO FREEEEE.

My all-time favorite shoes. ALL TIME. And I don’t currently own a pair (not this style anyway). So that needs to change. These are my go-to shoes and no matter what outfit I’m wearing I get to express myself with these bad boys. I’ve worn them since middle school and always felt un-apologetically like myself in them.


Tan Pair –  I’ve been gravitating toward this color a ton lately, so why not have a pair of my fav shoes in this color too? The perfect neutral that’s neither black nor white, but not really “brown.” Also not totally obnoxious, which is not really an issue for me. I mean – have you seen the pink ones I wear? LOL. But these are my fav, I think! Until next week anyway.

Classic Check – This classic pair has been on my radar for months. Why haven’t I bought them? Who knows. But I really super love that these are borderline edgy, but still not too wild. Easily in my top 5 favorite pairs ever made.

Okay. I know this seems random. But I came across it while browsing and thought it was super rad. It’s one of those things that I would never, ever buy for myself but would probably really enjoy having.


Instant Print Camera – Requires zero ink, can be recharged (no batteries) and prints your pictures instantly in color or B/W. In a time where most photos never get printed, this would be a really fun item to have.

Okay. I tried to keep it sweet and simple and apparently everything I want is well under $100, most of it is actually right at or under $50 which is perfect IMO. Of course there are other things I want that are more specific to me, like a new desk and a real chair to replace this awful wooden stool I’m sitting on, but I know none of those things apply to this list and none of them are “fun” gifts.. So, I left them off! Now tell your mom & boyfriend you figured out what you want & send them this list. 😉








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