A Few Things That Caught My Eye

Once again – why is naming a blog post so awkward for me? Make it stop.

I feel like none of my go-to stores have been getting anything new in, so I’ve been left feeling kind of uninspired, but I have spotted a few random things that I’ve *almost* bought for myself. So if you’re looking to treat yourself or have some Christmas money to burn through, maybe this post is for you! Fair warning, this is total randomness. Just things I’ve seen while out Christmas shopping or that I’ve come across online. No rhyme or reason, really. All photos are stoppable! So click away. And as always, you can just ask if you have questions about anything!

First up, my absolute favorite sweater is available in two new colors, as well as all the original colors. I love the two I have so much, but am a sucker for blush. So I might have to add one more to the arsenal! I’ve included a photo of me in the “unicorn” color for fit reference. I’m wearing a size XS, they are “oversized” w/o you having to size up!


& here’s a photo of me wearing the XS in “unicorn.”

The color is much brighter w/o the filter on the photo.


I’ve included this long length cardigan in several outfit boards. I think I’m convincing myself to buy it! Comes in several colors, the perfect length & it’s 50% off. YAAAS.


This one is 80% off and I kind of feel like that must be a mistake, but I’ll take it! Comes in all the best colors as well and has the perfect circle hem for that cozy, oversized look.

IMG_4382  IMG_4383

I was grabbing some Christmas gifts at Ulta and randomly stopped to smell these because the bottles caught my eye. My theory is usually – if the bottle is super pretty, it won’t smell that good. BUT not in this case. I’m not much of a perfume kinda gal, but these smelled SO GOOD. I sprayed them on a test paper and some got on my hand. I wandered around smelling my own hand for at least an hour after. Is that weird enough for you? Haha. Poor Marty.

IMG_4376  IMG_4378

I’m pretty obsessed with brow products and am always down for some good brows. I saw a video ad for this product a few days ago and it seriously sold me on it. It looked SO natural on the girl they demonstrated on! Like, legit just looked like real hairs. Maybe you can find the video on their Insta? Check it out, for sure!


I also recently snagged up one of these, in the lilac color. It’s not as purple-y in person, unfortunately. But still makes for an awesome, super affordable bag. And comes in tons of other colors! Plus, who can say no to free shipping?


Here’s a photo of me wearing the light purple color.


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