A few things that are on major sale and too good to pass up! Some of the items neverrrr go on sale, so don’t pass on these prices!

These leggings are SO ridiculously well rated, and well-liked among everyone. I’ve never seen anyone have anything bad to say about them. The company is amazing as well, and female owned! #girlssupportinggirls I’ve actually never seen these on sale, except for Black Friday. They’re currently $25 off! You can get an extra 15% off code here! So you end up saving about $35 & still get free shipping! SCORE.

Shop the faux leather leggings here!


This beanie is my absolute favorite beanie this year! And it’s 50% off right now! Now I just wish it would actually drop below 40 degrees so I could wear it for more than ten minutes! Available in three colors, I have both the white & pink.

Shop here!


I know, I know. Me and this sweater. But it really is so amazing. I’m even considering purchasing a third color, just in case I can’t find anything this good in the future. It’s $25 off right now and if you buy two (or any combination of items that add up to $50), you can get an additional $10 off. $25 off if you spend $100, etc. This one is for sure a must-have & I don’t feel that way about very many sweaters.

Shop my fav sweater here!

DSC_0368.jpg  IMG_4377.jpg

Cougar Shoes are something I can’t wait to own! There are three pairs that I’m especially obsessed with and two of those pairs are on sale until January 6th. I haven’t ever seen them on sale before, so if you were eyeing these, jump on this sale! You can also get an additional 10% discount when you sign up for their emails. I actually don’t have an affiliate link for this brand, but I love them so much that I will always share them anyway! Get yourself a pair! Nordstrom does carry this brand, but they’re almost entirely sold out of the styles I like and aren’t having a sale currently. The Dallas style is my favorite & the Danbury in Mushroom takes a close second. I also really love the Kensington rain boot, but they aren’t included in the current sale. Browse away!

Shop the winter sale here!


These are only available in a couple sizes, but it’s a really good deal for some amazing boots! I haven’t seen these on sale yet all season.

Shop them here!


These jackets are $10! TEN FREAKING DOLLARS. I’m not sure how long this will last, so snag them up quick! Use code EXTRA50 at checkout for the additional discount. There are tons of other items included in this major sale, so definitely check those out too!

Shop here!







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