Current Loves.

Just a little round-up of a few pieces I’m currently checking out. There are a couple things I’ve shared before, but lots of new items as well! Just scoping out all the hidden gems in these weird days between Christmas & New Year. What day is it again?

IMG_4595  IMG_4592.jpg  IMG_4564 

IMG_4594.jpg  IMG_4593  IMG_4590.jpg

IMG_4589.jpg  IMG_4591.jpg  IMG_4551

IMG_4570  IMG_4377  IMG_4134.jpg

IMG_4550  IMG_4581.png  IMG_41361.jpg


The chord jacket (#3), denim jacket (#14) and the grey duster (#12) are 60% off.

You can get 15% off at SPANX here! Then come back and shop through the link! 😉

Lots of great bargains are mixed in here. All the pictures are linked so shop away!

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