Aerie 2/18

This deal ends tonight (2.18) so don’t wait on it. I ordered ten new pairs of my fav underwear for $24. Yep. $2.40 a pair, for my favorite underwear. How could I not?

I’m going to link a couple of my favorite pairs here for you! You have to add 10 pairs to your cart in order to get them discounted down to $3 a pair, then you can go here to get an additional discount code that stacks on top of the deal. If you sign up for ShopRunner, you’ll get free 2-day shipping. ShopRunner is free for anyone with a Paypal account.

Linking a few of the styles I love below! They all come in several colors! Please remember to shop using my links whenever you shop at the stores I share!


IMG_6326  img_6327.png img_6328.png  img_6329.png  img_6331.png  img_6332.png  img_6333.png







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