Rocksbox reached out to me and asked if I’d like to try out their services in exchange for sharing them with all of you.

I created an account, added TONS of things to a wish list and four days later, had three pieces of jewelry (all from my list) in my mailbox. They also sent out an email letting me know which three items I was getting before it shipped and asked if I wanted to switch any of them before they shipped. How amazing is that? A for-sure way to make sure you won’t get any pieces you aren’t interested in. You can keep the pieces (and wear them) as long as you want but won’t receive new pieces until you return your current ones. You can also choose to purchase the pieces you love at a discounted price, but are never obligated to do so. And one of the very best parts, they provide you with a pre-printed return shipping label and a reusable envelope.

Below are photos of the three pieces I received in my first box and at the very bottom, a discount code for your first month.


Use code – BGROWWXOXO – for a discount! Click the graphic below to get signed up!

(or click here)



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