The Return of the Sandal @ Freshly Picked

The Freshly Picked sandal is making a return tomorrow (2/24) at 10MST! We have loved FP moccasins for years & now we love their sandals too! We got our first pair of FP sandals in the summer of 2017 and it was instant love. They’re genuine leather (just like Saltwater sandals) except they have a nice cushioned footbed and a much easier-to-use clasp. They can get wet over and over again. We even wore ours to the splash park and had no issues! Now they come in several styles for both boys and girls and tons of colors as well.

Freshly Picked has a rewards program called The Fringe. The Fringe is $5 a month to join, but you get your $5 back in FP credit, instantly. You can sign up using my code FMOBAILEYG and get an additional $5 credit upon sign up. So that’s $10 to use toward your first Fringe member purchase. When you become a Fringe member you get 20% off for life. On every purchase, on top of sale prices, etc. You also get early access on drop days so you don’t have to worry about things selling out before you can get what you want. So here’s the breakdown: use my code, pay $5 for the membership, get a $10 credit (your $5 + the $5 from me) + 20% off to use right away! 



I’ll drop a few (of many) memories we’ve made in Freshly Picked below. When I went searching for  these pictures I got into a “mommy moment” about how little and chunky P used to be. Why do they have to grow up? Ugh. But on another note – I cannot wait for another amazing summer with my girls! P.S. How amazing are those little red sandals? I can’t wait for Hallie to wear them this summer!


It would be crazy to buy anything from FP without first signing up for The Fringe. Unless you hate saving money…? So head over to Freshly Picked and get signed up! That way you can always have early access, always get 20% off and get a free $5 credit from me! My code is FMOBAILEYG!

If and when you decide to make a purchase from FP, please come back and shop through one of the links I provided. Those links (as much of a pain as they can be) are the only way I can continue to do what I love and create awesome content for all of you! I appreciate every single person who interacts with me through social media, reads my posts, shops my links, etc. It does not ever go unnoticed. Believe me! Cheers to cute moccasins, comfy sandals and the warm weather we’re creeping up on!


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