Lazy Clothes because SNOW

Since we’ve been stuck inside the house for the greater part of the past few weeks thanks to snowmaggedon, I’ve gotten very familiar with my “lazy clothes.” So what better thing to write about? Anyway – I’m going to link some of my favorite comfy styles for my kiddos and for myself. Most are very basic, but comfort is the goal, anyway.

Happy March, everyone! I have so much more fun spring stuff to share but the weather is just not cooperating right now! So it will have to wait! As always – please shop using my links if you feel inspired or see something you love! XO

Kiddo stuff first!

IMG_6557  img_6568.jpg IMG_6563

img_6562.jpg  IMG_6567  img_6569.jpg

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IMG_6556  img_6561.jpg  img_6570.jpg

img_6565.jpg  img_6560.jpg  IMG_6559

IMG_6571  img_6564-e1551669353316.jpg  IMG_6566

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Thank you so much to every single person who has shared my blog with their friends, made a purchase through one of my links, etc. You all make this possible and I could not possibly ask for more!

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