Crop Jeans & Basic Tops

After weeks of day dreaming about Spring, it’s FINALLY here! I haven’t been this excited for sunshine and 60 degree weather ever in my life. Last summer I bought one of my absolute favorite pairs of jeans and I still wear them often.  A pair of cropped flare jeans with funky embroidery on the sides. They were a little out of the norm for me but they were instant love as soon as I tried them on. Those jeans inspired this post! An ode to one of my favorite styles – the crop flare!

IMG_7178 IMG_7179

img_7180.png IMG_7181

Annnnnd because it feels wrong to leave you without sharing a few great basic tops to go with your new cropped flares, check out these perfect Spring tops! Make sure you check out the back of the first one. All the heart eyes.

img_7174.png img_7177.png img_7175.png img_7176.png

I’ll be back with more Spring goodies to share along the way, as I find ALL THE THINGS for this new season. Happy Spring! XO

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