J&J Makes Shoes + Confetti Dot

If you’ve ever been to my blog or ever seen my Instagram, surely you know our love for June & January runs deep. I’ve been buying their clothes for years. Long before I was a part of their affiliate team, I started buying almost exclusively J&J to fill my girls closets. Their styles have never disappointed, they’ve always been inclusive and their clothing is meant to be lived in. All things I can get behind. Last week, they launched SHOES for the very first time ever, along with a new pattern, Confetti Dot. They sent the girls dresses, clips and shoes (I ordered Paisley the wrong size, so they aren’t pictured) so that I could share the new goodies with all of you! Hallie has worn her little sneakers twice now and loves them. Especially since they’re her favorite color! And I love them because they can be worn with OR without laces and the best part? They’re only $17. Unbelievable.

As always, if you’re a fist time J&J customer, you can use code BGROWW20 for 20% off. And even if you aren’t a first time customer, you can support my blog by shopping through the links in this post! 

Dresses // Shoes // Cardigans // Hair Clips


* Shopping through the links in this post means I will earn a small commision on your purchase. Using the discount code alone, will not benefit me in any way. I will not have access to your personal information or even know who placed orders. It does however, make it possible for me to continue creating content for all of you to enjoy. I appreciate each and every one of you! More than I could ever express in type! XO

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