How-To (Pssst, it’s Better than Pinterest)

I have one major problem every single time I hop on Pinterest. I find a picture of something I love or something I want to purchase but the link NEVER actually takes me to a place where I can buy the product. Never, ever. This is where steals the show. I had the app for the longest time and didn’t understand how truly amazing it is. I didn’t even realize it had a product search feature. *face palm*

If you have a favorite blogger, you can of course search their name and follow them directly. But the really amazing part of the app? You can type in ANYTHING you’re looking for and get results. Real results with photos, links to buy, outfit ideas, sizing info, etc. AND every time you make a purchase through the app or an affiliate link from one of it’s bloggers, you are supporting their dream without spending any extra money. You spend the same amount on the item whether you use the link or not, so why NOT use the link and give a few pennies to a gal with a dream?
*Did you know that most of those outfit inspo pictures you find on Pinterest are actually stolen content from bloggers that’s been reposted by someone else?

  1. So, now that you know just how amazing is, I’ll help you learn how to make the most of it! First up – download the app! Here!
  2. Once it’s downloaded, make an account, if you don’t already have one. You can sign up using your Facebook, etc. to make it extra easy.
  3. Click the magnifying glass at the bottom, search “bgroww” and hit follow. *wink*img_8825
  4. Go to the magnifying glass one more time, select “product search” and hunt down all the things you’ve been looking for but can’t find! “platform sandals”
    “distressed high-waisted shorts” “birkenstock outfits” “spring dresses” “crossbody bag” etc.img_8828
  5. When you find an item you love, click the product photo to purchase it or click “wish list” and it will be saved forever for you to come back and shop later!Browse your wish list by clicking the plain heart icon at the bottom of the app.img_8826
  6. You can also browse categories if you aren’t sure what you’re looking for! “Swim” “Under50” & “Sale Alert” are some of my favs to browse.
  7. Remember that is not exclusively for women’s clothing. You can find beauty items, children’s clothes, home decor, baby products, men’s clothing, toys and games, etc.
  8. If you see an inspiration picture that you want saved for later to come back to, you can double tap to “like” it just like on IG or you can take a screenshot and will do the rest for you.


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