Style Round-Up 11/11

Do I even remember how to do this? We’ll see!

I spent some time rounding up a lot of really good fall/winter staples for this year.

All clothing under $100. Some under $20.

Every single pair of shoes listed is on sale, except the Dr. Marten’s.

Most items are available in several really great colors.

Sorel winter boots are over 50% off.

Want to be able to save specific items for later? Head over to the app and “heart” the items you love so they’ll be saved in your favorites forever. 


img_4195-e1573510041480.png IMG_4198 IMG_4193 IMG_4194 IMG_4190 img_4192.png img_4199.png img_4191.png img_4197.png IMG_4196


image10 image9.png image5.png image1-4.png image7.png image2.png image3.png image6.png image4.png image0.png image8.png


img_4188.png img_4186.png img_4182.png img_4187.png img_4183.png img_4189.png img_4184.png img_4185.png


img_4213.png img_4216.png img_4214-2.png img_4210.png img_4211.png



img_4201.png IMG_4209 img_4204.png img_4207.png img_4202.png img_4208.png img_4206.png img_4203.png img_4205.png


image1-5.png image2-2.png image0-3.png

XO, b.

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