7 Ways to Style White Sneakers

White sneakers. A closet staple. And since I recently discovered the most comfortable pair of sneakers EVER, I feel I need to tell you all about them and show you my favorite ways to wear them! And of course – I’ll link them for you so you can see for yourself!

Outfit 1 // quarter zip sweatshirt & high rise shorts
Outfit 2 // flower dress, twill jacket & sunhat
Outfit 3 // t-shirt dress & denim jacket
Outfit 4 // mom jeans & crop top
Outfit 5 // yellow skirt & crop top
Outfit 6 // tunic dress & bike shorts
Outfit 7 // camo jacket, mom jeans & crop top
Outfit 8 // striped t-shirt dress, backpack & sunhat

There are three different pairs of shoes pictured above, the Nike Court Royale (worn with the yellow skirt) which are very cute and I really loved the look of them, but personally, they were too narrow for me. So I went back to a brand I’ve worn since I was 9, Vans. The Old Skool Vans are a more affordable shoe that you can buy year-round but they are canvas and can get dirty easily. They are machine washable, though! As much as I love my Vans and I think they are a really great shoe for anyone, I needed something a little more comfortable that I could wear everyday and walk around town in, so I decided to try out these Veja sneakers and I can truly say they are the most comfortable sneaker I have tried. Although more expensive, I definitely think they were worth the splurge. I will wear these ALL the time. No blisters, no pinching or rubbing on random parts of my foot, no soreness, just comfort. And bonus points – they are WAY cuter in person than they are in the stock photos.

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