Hair Revival

A hair care brand recently reached out to me and asked if they could send me some products to try, no strings attached. They had me take a hair quiz to learn more about my hair and then sent me some products based on my answers! I want to preface this with – I never agree to share any products until AFTER I’ve tried them and can form my own opinion about them.

I first used the products on October 28th (I want to be transparent about how long I’ve been using them) and I am BLOWN away at how different my hair is after 16 days (not 16 washes, because I don’t wash my hair everyday).

First, let me say, I hadn’t even realized how far from it’s natural texture my hair had gotten. After a couple washes with Luseta, I realized that my hair was starting to feel much softer and much healthier. I won’t make any claims that Luseta’s products are “healing” my hair because I know that’s literally impossible. I went to cosmetology school, so don’t come for me on this one. Haha! But I will say that I feel like my hair is actually coming CLEAN when I wash it and that, alone, is making it look & feel much healthier than before. These products are not leaving a film or residue on my hair the way my previous products were. Less residue means the hair is less oily close to my scalp; WIN!

I also want to note – I have VERY thin hair and have struggled with creating volume for a very long time. I’ve teased it, blown it out with a round brush, used dry shampoo, etc. and nothing has given my hair good volume, but I love that these products aren’t heavy, so my hair is able to look more voluminous all on it’s own. I still use dry shampoo when needed, but I’ve noticed that I’m using a lot less now that I found a good shampoo & conditioner.

I really wasn’t expecting to be blown away or feel much of a difference. But the fact that these products totally blindsided me and made me feel like I have a whole new head of hair has me all kinds of excited! I’ll share the exact products I’ve been using the past few weeks, but they have TONS of different options for different hair types! I bought madacamia oil to go along with the shampoo and conditioner they sent me, so that I could use ONLY Luseta products while testing them out for you. This oil has completely replaced any other leave-in products I was previously using. I use less than a dime size amount on the ends of my hair to prevent it from getting dry (something that most people struggle with during the cold months). And you can even take the same hair quiz that I took and find out what might work best for you, if you’re unsure! And the best part of all?! The DISCOUNT code, duh. After all, that’s why you follow me, right (kidding.. Kind of)?


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