DIY Wall Art, Simple & Affordable.

There are two things I’ve tried to be better at in 2020. Saving money where I can and supporting other people who have a dream like mine. Small, maybe unconventional, but valuable to the right person. My most recent home project checked both boxes, so I wanted to share in more detail!

If you weren’t around this summer, we moved back to a rental in our home town after a 7 month adventure on the Washington Coast. I didn’t really have a lot of wall decor in our old house that still fit my style & I wanted this home to feel different but didn’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on wall art that I might want to switch out again in a couple years or that might not have a place in the next home we live in. And also – I felt like I could never find exactly what I wanted. So the only solution? Make something myself. Kind of. đŸ˜‰

Okay, enough of the nonsense – aren’t these prints beautiful?
(click the photos to shop these exact prints & the frames)

Here’s how I created two 18 x 24 prints for $50

  1. I found these on Etsy. I searched for a few hours to find exactly what I wanted (I’ll leave links below to a few great small shops to check out). They cost me $4 a piece. Why so cheap? Because I bought a digital download of the artwork. How does that work? You purchase whichever art you want & immediately receive an email with digital files of the art. You can download them and print them in whatever you size you want, as many times as you want, at whichever print store you prefer. JJDESIGNHOUSE is the Etsy shop I ordered my artwork from. The quality is amazing, the artwork is beautiful & I received the digital files instantly after purchasing.
  2. I chose to print mine at Office Depot because I’ve printed there a ton in the past for various things and have always had a great experience. I uploaded them to the Office Depot website, ordered the prints in size 18×24 posters (posters because the paper is much thicker that way). It cost me about $16 and they were ready for pickup within 4 hours.
  3. Michael’s just happens to be next door to Office Depot for me, so I grabbed some frames (70% off) that were around $13 each. Michael’s almost always has a sale on their frames & if they don’t, always check their website for coupons. You pretty much never have to pay full price for anything at Michael’s.
  4. That’s all! Put the artwork in your frames and hang ’em up! (I always employ Marty’s help to hang shit because his brain works faster than mine when it comes to measuring things, making them level, etc.)

Etsy shops with awesome digital art –
JJ Design House (this is where I ordered from)
Print Era Prints
Pip & Paper Co.
BoHouse Prints

If boho isn’t your style, I suggest just searching Etsy for “*your style* digital prints”

Hope this helps! Love y’all!
XO, B.

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