7 Fall Cardigans + Where to Buy (2020)

I’ve said this before, but Fall is that one season where things start to sell out before it’s even time to wear them. So I’m ordering ALL the cardigans early this year & I’m going to share some favs with y’all!

Feel free to shop them all in one place here!

Every cardigan listed below comes in a variety of colors, there are dark greens, grays, tans, rust, dark red, so many options within each one.

Long Cream Cardigan // Crop Cardigan // Puff Sleeve Cardigan

Open Front Cardigan // Button Front Cardigan

Crop Cardigan // Long Cardigan

That’s all for now!

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Watercolor Seashells

Disclaimer – this is definitely a kid friendly craft but if you want it to be relaxing or therapeutic, do it alone, with a glass of lemonade.

You will need :
– shells (we used various kinds of clam shells) If you don’t live on a beach, you can buy some here.
watercolor paints & a paint brush! I forgot to get a paintbrush and used an old crusty one we had in the cupboard. Don’t be like me! lol
– a white paint marker
I also bought a set of regular paint markers for the girls to use because watercolors are expensive and I figured they’d probably mix all the colors and make a mess of them. The markers are a little more kid-friendly, but I did let Paisley use the paints a bit under close supervision.

If your shells are fresh from the beach, make sure you clean them well and leave them out to dry before painting. I soaked ours in bleach water & scrubbed with a toothbrush to get all the weird stains off of them, but they never turned totally white and that’s okay. It didn’t affect the painting process. Once your shells are dry, you can start making artwork!

The best advice I can give is – don’t try to make them perfect. The first few I painted have a really perfect rainbow on them but they don’t look nearly as cool as the ones where I just let the watercolors follow the curves of the shells. The messier, the better!
If you purchase the watercolor set I linked above, you will see that a tiny bit of paint goes a long way with this set. Just wet your brush, dip it in the color you want and paint away. If you’re a control freak, this craft might make you a little crazy, but letting the paint run in the grooves of the seashells really makes a beautiful pattern. So that’s what I ended up doing in the end!

Once the paint is dry on your shell (it only takes about 30 minutes), you can use the white paint marker to change up the pattern a bit. Follow the grooves on the shell, make little spots, whatever you want. You could totally skip this step, but I love the uniqueness it gives each shell.

And voila! That’s it! So freaking simple and no huge mess to clean up! I’ve gotten my paints back out three different times in the past week because it’s just so calming to sit and create for a few minutes. The paints dry so quickly you can just close them up and throw them in the drawer as soon as your done and you really only need one brush.

Now go get yourself some paints and some shells and paint your heart out! But don’t forget the lemonade.

*This project was inspired by Rebekah Steen. If you don’t already follow her & want to see her watercolor seashells, find her at Goldfish Kiss!


7 Ways to Style White Sneakers

White sneakers. A closet staple. And since I recently discovered the most comfortable pair of sneakers EVER, I feel I need to tell you all about them and show you my favorite ways to wear them! And of course – I’ll link them for you so you can see for yourself!

Outfit 1 // quarter zip sweatshirt & high rise shorts
Outfit 2 // flower dress, twill jacket & sunhat
Outfit 3 // t-shirt dress & denim jacket
Outfit 4 // mom jeans & crop top
Outfit 5 // yellow skirt & crop top
Outfit 6 // tunic dress & bike shorts
Outfit 7 // camo jacket, mom jeans & crop top
Outfit 8 // striped t-shirt dress, backpack & sunhat

There are three different pairs of shoes pictured above, the Nike Court Royale (worn with the yellow skirt) which are very cute and I really loved the look of them, but personally, they were too narrow for me. So I went back to a brand I’ve worn since I was 9, Vans. The Old Skool Vans are a more affordable shoe that you can buy year-round but they are canvas and can get dirty easily. They are machine washable, though! As much as I love my Vans and I think they are a really great shoe for anyone, I needed something a little more comfortable that I could wear everyday and walk around town in, so I decided to try out these Veja sneakers and I can truly say they are the most comfortable sneaker I have tried. Although more expensive, I definitely think they were worth the splurge. I will wear these ALL the time. No blisters, no pinching or rubbing on random parts of my foot, no soreness, just comfort. And bonus points – they are WAY cuter in person than they are in the stock photos.

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Get the Perfect Jewelry Combo Every Time

You all know I am no stranger to stacking on my jewelry. Rings, bracelets, 37 necklaces, I’m here for it. My favorite way to get the perfect accessory combination every single time, is to mix and match pieces that I’ve bought from some of my favorite brands and small shops with pieces that I’ve gotten in my Rocksbox. I’ve been getting Rocksbox every month for over a year now and I’ve never gotten something I didn’t love. I’ve even opted to purchase some of the pieces.

As cheesy as it may sound, Rocksbox has helped me discover what I really, truly love and learn how to mix my favorites jewelry styles (I have several) into my own eclectic look. Glass beads & lots of gold is my go-to look lately. I love that I can switch out one or two pieces to match whatever I’m wearing each day.

Some of my favorite jewelry brands and the pieces I own from their collections here :

First up – My bracelets. I stack these babies 100 different ways, depending on my outfit. I love supporting small businesses that I really, really love and believe in. Sundrenchd is AMAZING. This is a small shop that is constantly evolving. She’s constantly refreshing her products and adding more to her line-up. I originally bought a pair of earrings from her back in April of 2019 and I STILL wear them when I have an outfit to pair them with. A few months ago I finally got lucky enough to score my first bracelets from her (sometimes they sell out REALLY quick and I missed out more than once). We probably shouldn’t talk about how many bracelets I’ve bought in the past 6 months, but just know that they are absolutely beautiful in person and are the most versatile accessory I own. If you don’t already follow Jordan at Sundrenchd, please do it now! My love for her brand is as genuine as it gets.

My necklaces –

Rings – I almost always wear Rocksbox rings. I feel like I’m just too picky to commit to buying rings and I love being able to switch it up often. I’ll share a few of my fav rings I’ve gotten from Rocksbox in the past! I always try to find rose gold options, because my engagement ring is rose gold. But sometimes mixing rose gold & gold works really well!

All rings are from Rocksbox. Wear the pieces in your box as long as you want and then send them back to get your next box. Fully customizable and you have the option to purchase the pieces you love for a steep discount! Use code BGROWWXOXO for a free month!

What’s your favorite jewelry combo? Rings stacked on every finger? Big statement earrings everyday?

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Welcome to Seabrook!

As you probably know, I accepted a job offer in May that transplanted our family to Seabrook, Washington. After one month of living here, I’ve gotten a lot of repeat questions from y’all, so I figured now was a great time to answer some FAQ about our move and the town of Seabrook.

Q : What do you and your partner do for a living?

A : My blog is my full-time job, although it doesn’t pay like one (maybe someday.) When we moved here, I accepted a contract with Seabrook as their content creator. I write blog posts for their website, take photos around town and help coordinate social media posts for the town. My own blog/content are separate from the work I do for Seabrook. Marty is a journeyman electrician by trade but is not currently working as an electrician here.

Q : Did you buy a house there?

A : I wish! Maybe (hopefully) someday. But the short answer is, no. We currently rent a home (monthly, not nightly) from a wonderful home owner here in town. My boss found this home for us and had all the details worked out for us before we got here.

Q : Why did you move there?

A : This is a loaded question, to an extent. When we visited Seabrook in March, we talked about living here someday but had no idea it would ever be our reality. We decided to sell our house because of a tough situation we went through back in 2019. Our home was already on the market when the founder of Seabrook found my blog. We connected on LinkedIn (don’t ever underestimate the power of making virtual connections) and ultimately, he invited us to move here and offered me a contract with Seabrook just as our house was going under contract, so the timing was perfect and we took the leap!

Q : Is Seabrook open?

A : Yes. Seabrook is currently open. There are no hotels here (another common question) but there is a wide array of rental cottages that you can stay in. Currently, there is a 7-night minimum in place (I know this seems like a lot) in order to help protect the locals and the hospitality staff from COVID. In a town that exists primarily because of tourism, the germs come from far and wide. So extra precautions are in place for now! If you ever have questions about staying in Seabrook, please ask me! I don’t mind at all!

Q : I’m planning a trip to Seabrook in the future, what are some things we should do while we’re there?

A : I wrote an itinerary for the Seabrook website that talks about a few of our favorite places in/around town. You can find that blog post here, but if you want more suggestions or are looking for something specific, also ask me! I’d love to help you make the most of your trip to Seabrook.

Q : How are the kids?

A : Honestly – Better than ever. They have about 5 toys total in the entire house (compared to an entire toy room that was busting at the seams before) and they get along so much better. They are truly thriving here. They’ve both become more outgoing, they both spend WAY more time outside (scooters have been a staple the past three weeks) and they both have a “normal” sleep schedule now, which has been such a positive change. My mama heart is so happy seeing them happy.

I know this short post barely touches on our new lives here and I can’t wait to share more as we continue to settle in, but I wanted to at least answer a few questions while I had time to sit down and write! Thank you so much to everyone who has stuck around while we’ve navigated so many changes in our lives. I see you and I appreciate each and every one of you. I can’t wait to share more soon!

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Spring/Summer Style for Girls

Spring / Summer Style for Girls

Toddler & Little Girl styles are linked, you can click the image to shop all of the items, or use the individual links below the photos.

If you shop for your kiddos please use the links provided!

Enjoy! XO

Dresses for Girls!

  1. Polka Dot Dress / girls
  2. Striped Dress / girls
  3. Tie-Dye Dress / toddler
  4. Red Stripe Dress / toddler & girls
  5. Turquoise Dress / toddler
  6. Solid Swing Dresses / toddler & girls


Dresses for Girls!-4

  1. Strawberries / girls
  2. Rainbow Henley / toddler & girls
  3. Avocados / toddler & girls
  4. Blue Stripes / toddler & girls
  5. Red Ruffle Tulip / toddler & girls ( discount code BGROWW20 )
  6. Rainbow Ruffles / toddler
  7. Floral / toddler


Dresses for Girls!-5

  1. Embroidered Romper / toddler & girls
  2. Polka Dot Romper / toddler
  3. White Leather Sandals / toddler  girls (20% off site-wide when you sign up for The Fringe with code FMOBAILEYG )
  4. Striped Romper / girls
  5. Raw-Hem Shorts / girls
  6. Rainbow Sandals / toddler & girls
  7. Flower Skirt / toddler
  8. Dark Green Shorts / toddler


Dresses for Girls!-8

These links are not affiliate links –

  1. Flower Shirt / girls
  2. Sandals / toddler
  3. Pink Stripe Shorts / toddler
  4. Navy Vertical Shorts / girls
  5. Polka Dot Romper / toddler
  6. Stripe Tee / toddler
  7. Watermelon Top / girls
  8. Teal Dress / toddler
  9. Venice Graphic Tee / girls



Quarantine with Littles

Just sharing some of our current favorites for keeping the girls entertained and some other great options, too. Everything listed has a free shipping option, as well. So no worries about needing to venture out to a store to get stuff!

Paisley has been doing puzzles like crazy. So I’ll start there.

These floor puzzles are some of our favorite. We actually have several of them. The quality is great and the pieces fit together really nicely. Tons of different pictures to choose from too.


  1. Endangered Species
  2. Construction
  3. Ballerinas
  4. Solar System
  5. Under the Sea
  6. Rain Forest

I shared a 4 pack of princess puzzles that Paisley and I were doing, in stories. I tried to find those exact puzzles and could only find them being resold on eBay, but I did find this cute little four pack for $9.99

Marty went and bought this giant pack of chalk and stencils for $12 on Quarantine day 1. The girls have played with it everyday, at some point throughout the day. Plenty of chalk for several kids, too!


P is only 5, but she’s been really obsessed with working on addition lately. So I’m ordering this fun little number toy for her. You can match up the colors, numbers, etc. and you can also take the color coordinated rings and use them for addition practice. Super affordable and it’s wood! I think it would be age-appropriate for kids anywhere from 2-6, different aged kids would just utilize it in different ways.


*SIGH* I have been resisting kinetic sand for YEARS. But Marty brought some home when he went and bought chalk last week and the girls have been OBSESSED. I thought it would be such a mess, but it’s actually not bad. It sticks to itself, for the most part & is SUPER easy to sweep/vacuum up. I’m actually glad he bought it. Both girls have been entertained by it for hours. I’ll share a couple different sets at different prices.

  1. 1lb. of sand + 16 tools $14
  2. Rainbow Sand Set $10
  3. 2lb. of sand + 10 tools $20

We don’t have this but I saw it the other day (can’t remember where) and it looks like such a fun fidget toy! It’s similar to a rubix cube, but meant for younger  kids. You match up the smaller balls (inside) to the colored spot on the ball. Under $8. Definitely worth having around!

This coloring subscription is AMAZING. It’s FIVE dollars a month. Typically you get about 6 hand-drawn coloring pages each month, but Tara has added 20 extra pages this month, for free! You can print the pages as many times as you’d like, and you keep the downloads forever (I can go back and print out pages from several months ago, when we first subscribed). So the pages accumulate over time and you can go back and print out old pages when you need extras! We used to print them out at Office Depot every month, but recently bought a cheap printer so we don’t have to leave the house. The girls love coloring these, but I’m pretty sure I actually enjoy coloring them more than anyone. The best part – nobody is fighting over coloring books/pictures because I print several of each page so we each have one!

I’ll link our printer (if you don’t already have one), where to sign up for the Color Happy subscription ($5) and our favorite markers for these coloring pages.


  1. Color Happy Subscription
  2. Markers here or here
  3. Printer

P’s teacher has been sending daily worksheets to print out and we’ve been doing those but I also wanted to get some hands-on stuff for her to work on addition, counting, etc. So I grabbed a couple things on Amazon! I’ll link a few great options here :







I’ll add more as I think of them or as we get more & more bored! Good luck, mamas! XO

Field of Dreams, exploring Seabrook.

I have absolutely no clue where to even begin with this one, so just let me say this; the entire Field of Dreams / Seabrook, WA experience is absolutely magical. Also let me preface this post with this – I have traveled a substantial amount. I have stayed in a lot of hotels, rentals, cabins, etc. but I have NEVER stayed anywhere like Field of Dreams. Nothing compares to our experience in Seabrook. I can’t speak for every cottage in town, but I can tell you exactly what I think of Field of Dreams. I am in actual disbelief about how perfect our experience was. I’m going to start from the beginning and share it all – no promises that I won’t get sidetracked though!


Let’s assume you and your family are staying at Field of Dreams – When you arrive in Seabrook, you’ll need to check in at the Cottage Rentals office, located on Front Street, right next to the market. You’ll be greeted like a local, you’ll get a special code that you’ll use for access to your cottage for the duration of your stay & (if you’re traveling with a doggo) they’ll give you a little bag with info about staying in Seabrook with a pup, a few small dog treats & a special tag for their collar in case they get lost. Use the town map and follow Meriweather St. into the Farm District. Pass the community garden, the playground & the basketball courts. Field of Dreams is on the left, just beyond horseshoe park. You’ll arrive at the back of the house. The front of the cottage faces Orchard Walk Park, a small area with a  water feature that separates the cottage from the very nearby woods where you’ll find the Narnia trail. You’ll know you’ve found the right house when you see the red door.

Seabrook loves a good pop of color!

Field of Dreams sleeps 10ish people. The cottage has 3 king bedrooms, each with it’s own au suite bathroom and individual decor style. There is also a kids’ room with dual bunk beds and a separate play nook with plenty of toys. There’s a half bath off the laundry room, a gorgeous farm style dining area and living room, complete with a HUGE sectional & a full size kitchen so you can eat in instead of going out! There’s also a private hot tub at the back of the house & a gas fire pit on the front porch. Hello s’more roasting! * One room in the house has heated floors, but I’ll leave it up to you to to find out which room it is!


We cooked dinner in the cottage twice and it was SO easy. We ordered Home Chef meals and had them delivered on the day of our arrival (you could also just bring them from home in an ice chest). The meal kits come with 99% of what you need and the rest is available in the house. We were able to just toss it all in the fridge and cook it when we were ready. I’ll share more about our experience with Home Chef in a separate post, but if you’re looking to try out their meal delivery, you can use code BGROWW100 for $100 off your first order right here! Field of Dreams has every dish, utensil, tool, etc. you could possibly need plus all the essential spices, just in case! One night my sister and I cooked together & the next, my mom helped with dinner. We could easily work together in the kitchen without any issue, we saved a ton of money by eating in AND we had so much fun cooking together and then enjoying dinner as a family, in the privacy of our cottage!

Field of Dreams is a dog-friendly cottage, so bring your pups! We brought our dachshund, Bear, along for the adventure and I am SO glad we did! We took him on a beach trip one other time but even though our hotel was pet-friendly, they didn’t necessarily LIKE pets & it almost seemed like they purposely made it difficult to bring your pet with. So glad we took a chance and brought our little guy with us to Seabrook. He had just as much fun as the rest of us! I seriously appreciate that Field of Dreams loves the  puppers just as much as us! Just make sure to leash your pup & clean up after them, though! You don’t want to be THOSE people!

The only real downside to staying at Field of Dreams? Eventually, you’ll have to go home. Paisley & Hallie both shed a few genuine tears before bed on our last night at the cottage. They weren’t ready to leave “our new house” and I don’t blame them one bit. This trip was a dream come true. We could not have asked for a better place to stay. We made so many incredible memories, spent time together as a family without the distractions of “real life” and were able to enjoy every second of each day. This trip was something that’s usually hard to come by with kids; easy and so, SO relaxing. Field of Dreams, you have a little piece of our hearts forever. No doubt about it.

Learn more here! // Follow the cutest little cottage on Instagram!

You can also find more videos and photos of Field of Dreams in my Instagram story highlight titled “Seabrook!”


For any / all outfit details, see this blog post!

Want to know more about the town of Seabrook?

Seabrook is a beautifully curated, little beach town along the Washington coast, home to the Field of Dreams cottage. You can walk anywhere in town in less 10 minutes. There aren’t a ton of overwhelming souvenir shops or questionable diners. There are, however, a couple great restaurants, a coffee shop, a candy store, a toy store, a book store, one tasteful Seabrook merchandise store, a small grocery market with all the essentials, a four-legged friend store, a Chip & Jo-esque interior decor store, a spa, a bike rental spot & a small clothing boutique. Essentially – there is one of everything. But just one. And they are all beautiful! It’s quality over quantity in Seabrook. The streets are clean, the cars on the road are few and pedestrians rule the streets. There are free, kid-friendly adventures on every corner. Several trails for hiking, a special trail for gnome hunting, 10+ parks scattered around town, a basketball court, a zip-line, a dog park, horseshoe pits, bocce ball courts, countless fire pits stocked with freshly chopped wood, an indoor pool, a gym, tennis courts and of course, the beach! The town is divided into 8 districts, each named fittingly. Field of Dreams is nestled in the Farm District, across from the Equestrian center. The distance from Field of Dreams to the town center is about a 5 minute walk. Seabrook is like something out of a movie. The people are so friendly, everything is clean and beautiful. The entire town is esthetically pleasing. Hundreds of cottage style homes in the most gorgeous colors with the sweetest little crushed seashell sidewalks. The kind of place you can walk around at night and never look over your shoulder once.

I could keep you here all day chatting about all the little things to do around Seabrook, but I figure it’s easiest to just share a few photos from *some* of our adventures and caption them accordingly :

The gnome trail – Find the old stump on Compass Street and just beyond it, you’ll find the start of the gnome trail. Tiny fairies and gnomes tucked away in their homes, just waiting for you to find them. Our kids had SO much fun hunting gnomes. Constant gasps and shouting “LOOK!” to each other as they found each little gnome house.

Visit the horses – The Seabrook Equestrian center is right across from Field of Dreams and the horses are beautiful! Definitely the biggest, friendliest horses we’ve ever met!

Head into town, grab yourself a Chilly Goat (thanks for the suggestion, Liz) at Red Velvet Bakery & then go around the corner to Tides by Seabrook, say hi to Rowen and buy every single hat in her store, because they’re amazing! She has much more than hats, but I’m sure you’ve noticed my obsession. I’ve never seen such beautiful town merchandise!

We also had dinner at Koko’s, a mexican-esque restaurant in town, found some quirky candy at The Sweet Life, snagged some cute things for the girls from Brooklets Toys  & browsed SeaWorthy Home for a bit. All definitely worth visiting!

Being bored, grumpy or stressed in Seabrook is not an option. Relaxing, having a good time & just going with the flow are the norm here. Both girls really loved Brooklets Toys, right across the street from Tides. Paisley really loved all the little hidden trails we walked & wanted to spend hours on the zip line. Hallie’s favorites were probably the gnome trail and the giant Saint Bernard we met in town. My favs? Shopping in the town center and relaxing at the cottage. Something for everyone!

And no – we did not forget to visit the beach! We found starfish and sand dollars and cruised up and down the beach several times. I love watching the girls get excited over every little shell.

Last but certainly not least, I want to extend a very special thanks to The Anderson’s for allowing us to share their sweet, little, hidden-gem beach house with all of you. Until next time, Seabrook! XO



Outfit Details // Follow me on Instagram!

Did you make it all the way to the end? As a thank you, I’m giving away one $20 gift card (winner will choose between Amazon or Target) to one of my readers who reads this blog post, follows Field of Dreams on Instagram & then comments on THIS Instagram post. The giveaway rules will not be shared anywhere else, so the winner will be exclusive to those who read our Field of Dreams blog post! Happy Spring!

Vacation Style!

I wanted to share EVERYTHING about our trip all in one place, but there was just SO much to share, so I decided to split the outfit details into a separate post. Some outfits are linked on the liketoknow.it app. Several of the pieces we wore during our trip were from Polliwogs Children’s Boutique in Richland. Shop their online store here or if you’re local, find them in the Uptown shopping center in Richland. Alexa has created such a beautiful little spot to shop, she chooses the most beautiful pieces to sell in her store and she is such a sweet gal! Use code BGROWW for 15% your order.

These AMAZING sweatshirts can be found here : adult // kids . I’m wearing the S/M & the girls are wearing 2/4 & 4/6. We wore these sweatshirts for a good portion of our stay. The weather was colder than we had anticipated and these were PERFECT.

Paisley is wearing this lace neckline dress, the bell sleeves are so dang cute! And my sweet little sundress is this Rylee & Cru mama style. I’m definitely thinking about going back for this dress in the other color. The length and the thickness of the material are soo goooood! We have a few other Polliwog’s outfits to share but the weather wasn’t quite warm enough to take pictures of them while we were in Seabrook, so I’ll be taking pictures of them in the next week or so and sharing them when I can!

June & January sent us a package of goodies also, but unfortunately it was delivered after we had already left town – so I’ll be sharing those styles soon also! You can use code BGROWW20 when you shop here at June & January!

All of our hats are from Tides by Seabrook!

The rest of my outfits are linked on my LTK profile or you can click on the individual images below to shop!

IMG_9876 IMG_0003 IMG_9660 IMG_0042 IMG_9587 IMG_9445 IMG_9852 IMG_9428 IMG_9310

XO, b.