Looking Forward to Spring

This gloomy, grey weather has me in a mood. Not a good one! And I know a lot of y’all feel the same exact way. If we could either get some snow or just move on to Spring, that would be nice. But in the meantime, I figured I’d share some pieces that have me feeling that much more excited for Spring. Maybe if we stare at them long enough, we’ll all feel better? Is that how it works?

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A Few Things That Caught My Eye

Once again – why is naming a blog post so awkward for me? Make it stop.

I feel like none of my go-to stores have been getting anything new in, so I’ve been left feeling kind of uninspired, but I have spotted a few random things that I’ve *almost* bought for myself. So if you’re looking to treat yourself or have some Christmas money to burn through, maybe this post is for you! Fair warning, this is total randomness. Just things I’ve seen while out Christmas shopping or that I’ve come across online. No rhyme or reason, really. All photos are stoppable! So click away. And as always, you can just ask if you have questions about anything!

First up, my absolute favorite sweater is available in two new colors, as well as all the original colors. I love the two I have so much, but am a sucker for blush. So I might have to add one more to the arsenal! I’ve included a photo of me in the “unicorn” color for fit reference. I’m wearing a size XS, they are “oversized” w/o you having to size up!

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Gift Guide – Men

Your husband (or boyfriend, fiance, whatever) “doesn’t want anything for Christmas,” right? That’s the consensus anyway! I got several requests for a “what to buy my man” gift guide. Honest – I don’t really know what to get for Marty. But I do have a couple ideas and I do know what things he already has that I’ve bought in past years that he LOVES now, but had no idea he wanted/needed them until I got them for him. Men don’t know what they want, okay? So instead of asking them, we just buy them the things we want them to have and it usually works out well. Here we go..

First up, you can always get him an experience. A gift card for a date, a staycation, a night of appetizers at several different restaurants, a couples massage, etc. These are all things that depend entirely on who your man is and what he likes. If he loves beer, maybe a trip to a brewery. If he’s a massage kinda guy, go that route. If you think he’d enjoy a book of boudoir pictures of his woman, DO IT. Just don’t gift it at the family Christmas party. or do, if you want to make it awkward! Haha! But these are all awesome gifts & can be given in addition to a small tangible gift.

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Gift Guide – Under $50

A quick little gift guide. Buy your girlfriends, sisters, moms something sweet and simple or get some ideas for your own wish list. These are all things that I would be SO happy to get from Santa, so I’m sure your friends would too! As always, I super appreciate when you shop through my links! XO

1. These little brush gift set has some of my very favorite brushes in it. The bristles are so soft and they aren’t super huge in your hand. This is also a good variety of brushes if you only need a few but want the most crucial ones.

2. My absolute all-time favorite candle. We’ve burned through several just in the past year. Worth every single penny! Comes in other jar styles also, but make sure the “color” is volcano. That’s the scent.

Slide View: 1: Capri Blue Volcano Iridescent Jar Candle

3. Marty actually bought me this necklace for Christmas last year & I just love it so much. I’ve worn it a ton, my kids have pulled on it, etc. and it has held up so well!

Slide View: 1: Block Letter Monogram Necklace

4. This gift set has my absolute favorite moisturizer, along with tons of other great, realistic skin products. If you try out the Moisture Surge, I guarantee you’ll buy the full size jar as soon as you run out.

5. Lip stories are my go-to lipstick. My favorite shades are Oui, Deep Water Bay & Tan Lines, which you can purchase separately, here. But this little kit is perfect if your friend needs encouraged out of their comfort zone. These are the only lipsticks that don’t leave my lips feeling dry and helpless at the end of the day. SCORE.

6. This brush set is another really great option if you want to refresh your brush line-up or if you have a friend/sister who enjoys makeup but you aren’t sure what to get her. You can ALWAYS use more brushes, especially rose gold sparkly ones. #extraforlife

7. My sister is getting me this brush for Christmas because I’m totally spoiled and she’s an awesome gift-giver.

8. Every girl needs a perfect beanie. My daughter gave me one similar to this one last year and I love it so much! I wish I was outside in the freezing cold so I could wear it more!

The North Face Ladies' Chunky Knit Beanie

9. The perfect lip set for the minimal makeup look kinda gal. Some of the very best nudes, totally my style!

10. Another great beanie, this one chunkier than the one above. Comes in several colors, all gorgeous!

Happy Shopping! Or wish list-ing. XO