Hot Girl Summer Essentials Guide

I like to think of the phrase “hot girl summer” like the phrase “bikini body.” If you own a bikini and you have a body, you have a bikini body, right? If it’s hot out and you’re a girl.. It’s a hot girl summer. So in the spirit of hot girl summer being right around the corner.. I’m sharing some of my summertime essentials! Let’s go!

Let’s start with summer self-care shall we? Here are my favs to stay feeling my best –
1. Sol De Janeiro’s Brazilian Bum Bum Cream – I’ve owned more jars of this than I’d like to admit. It’s like the creme de la creme of body moisturizers. The smell? Like a tropical vacation. The consistency? THICC, just the way we like. The application? Perfect. It rubs in so easily and doesn’t pill up (ew) if you rub it in too much. It’s like a tall glass of water for your legs and buns. Grab a jar here!
2. Supergoop! Glow Screen – In the summer months, I really prefer to NOT wear any face makeup. It just feels heavy and sweaty and gross on my skin. So instead, I wear this facial sunscreen. It has just enough glow/tint to make me feel “ready” but without the weight of makeup and with SPF 40. I used this all summer when we lived at the beach and I’ll be using it this summer too! Grab some here!
3. Isle of Paradise Tanning Drops – I really try my best not to let my face spend too much time in the sun. I had a questionable chunk of skin cut off my arm as a teen and skincare runs wild in my family (yay for being Scandinavian). But I also LOVE a good tan. There’s just something about it. So for the past several years I’ve been using IoP products to give myself that tan without the harmful rays. I use their water on my legs/body & the tanning drops on my face! This is one of those holy grail products that I refuse to give up. Both products (the water & the drops) are linked here!
4. Sun Bum Blonde Tone Enhancer – This product is kind of new to me, but I’m loving it and it’s so cheap ($12). Every blonde knows that keeping the yellow out of your hair is a never ending game. I love that this leave-in smells amazing, detangles my hair really well & helps keep the yellow away in between toning sessions. And did I mention it’s super affordable? I grabbed mine at Target! Linked here!
5. MixHers Hertime Daily – Wouldn’t it be nice if all the PMS nonsense and hormones could just leave us alone for the summer? A girl can dream, anyway. Hertime Daily is an all natural daily supplement that helps with hormonal acne, bloating, cramps, low energy & PMS related anxiety. It has been a game changer for me and I know I’m going to appreciate it that much more when summer is in full swing. Use my code BAILEYG for a discount on you order! Pro-tip : Raspberry Refresher & Strawberry Lemonade are the best flavors! Shop here!

Okay – next stop..

1. Birkenstock Eva – These are THE shoes. THE FREAKING SHOES. I bought my first pair of Eva’s in 2019 in a bubblegum pink color and wore them into the ground. Then I bought another pair (dark pink) in 2020 when we lived at the beach for 7 months and they were 100% my most worn shoe. I wore them in creeks, in sand, into the ocean tons of times, all over our little beach town, you name it. And then they vanished.. So, you know what I had to do. Buy another pair. this year’s pair is lavender and easily my favorite of the three pairs I’ve owned. My mom even has a matching pair this year! They are the best shoes for everything summer-related. There ar tons of colors available & my advice is to size down if you’re not sure! Shop here!


2. Amazon Sunnies – These $10 sunglasses have been by my side for over a year now and I still love them. They’re polarized and have held up so well. Available in a couple different colors too. Grab a pair here!

3. Freshly Picked Poppy Play Pack – This bag. Y’all. I know you know how much I love this little fanny pack. It’s the BEST color. Even if you aren’t a “red” person (I’m usually not big on red stuff) you’ll love it. It fits perfectly and just makes any outfit look happier. I love that I can wear it around my waist or across my body. I’ll be carrying all my kids nonsense (and 37 lip products) in it this summer! Grab one here!

4. Sundrenchd – My #1 absolute, favorite small shop to support. Everything Jordan makes is AMAZING. So much thought, creativity and hard work goes into her jewelry and I love supporting her brand. I wear at least 3 things from her shop every single day and none of my outfits ever feel completely without a stack of her art on my arm. Follow her on IG to find out about her current collections or shop here!

5. Folding Picnic Blanket – We have two that fold up, velcro together & have a strap to carry them. They make hanging out at the park, pool or beach so much more enjoyable & they’re super easy to wash. I grabbed this bright fruit one this year (also comes in other colors, under $20). I’ll link it here!

6. IronĀ°Flask Water Bottle – I haven’t gone a day without this since I bought it 6 months ago. I even bought the miniature version for my girls. It keeps water cold for a LONG time & it conveniently comes with three different style lids so you don’t have to buy separate lids for it if you prefer a certain style. Tons of sizes & colors, under $30 & free prime shipping! You can’t go wrong. Get one here!

Want to shop more of my favorite stuff? Want more outfit details? Head over to my for more!

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Spring Trends, Cute & Comfy. You don’t have to choose.

Even though the new year didn’t mean the end of the pandemic, I feel like there is a new sense of hope in the air that the light at the end of this tunnel isn’t all that far away. And even if that hope is false, I will CLING to it. Just like I’m clinging to the cute but comfy trends for spring this year. While I (not so) patiently wait for my purchases to arrive, I figured I’d share some outfit inspo here for those of you who are like me, IMPATIENT as f:ck and ready to buy spring shit.

(all products are linked, just click the photos to shop) XO

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DIY Wall Art, Simple & Affordable.

There are two things I’ve tried to be better at in 2020. Saving money where I can and supporting other people who have a dream like mine. Small, maybe unconventional, but valuable to the right person. My most recent home project checked both boxes, so I wanted to share in more detail!

If you weren’t around this summer, we moved back to a rental in our home town after a 7 month adventure on the Washington Coast. I didn’t really have a lot of wall decor in our old house that still fit my style & I wanted this home to feel different but didn’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on wall art that I might want to switch out again in a couple years or that might not have a place in the next home we live in. And also – I felt like I could never find exactly what I wanted. So the only solution? Make something myself. Kind of. šŸ˜‰

Okay, enough of the nonsense – aren’t these prints beautiful?
(click the photos to shop these exact prints & the frames)

Here’s how I created two 18 x 24 prints for $50

  1. I found these on Etsy. I searched for a few hours to find exactly what I wanted (I’ll leave links below to a few great small shops to check out). They cost me $4 a piece. Why so cheap? Because I bought a digital download of the artwork. How does that work? You purchase whichever art you want & immediately receive an email with digital files of the art. You can download them and print them in whatever you size you want, as many times as you want, at whichever print store you prefer. JJDESIGNHOUSE is the Etsy shop I ordered my artwork from. The quality is amazing, the artwork is beautiful & I received the digital files instantly after purchasing.
  2. I chose to print mine at Office Depot because I’ve printed there a ton in the past for various things and have always had a great experience. I uploaded them to the Office Depot website, ordered the prints in size 18×24 posters (posters because the paper is much thicker that way). It cost me about $16 and they were ready for pickup within 4 hours.
  3. Michael’s just happens to be next door to Office Depot for me, so I grabbed some frames (70% off) that were around $13 each. Michael’s almost always has a sale on their frames & if they don’t, always check their website for coupons. You pretty much never have to pay full price for anything at Michael’s.
  4. That’s all! Put the artwork in your frames and hang ’em up! (I always employ Marty’s help to hang shit because his brain works faster than mine when it comes to measuring things, making them level, etc.)

Etsy shops with awesome digital art –
JJ Design House (this is where I ordered from)
Print Era Prints
Pip & Paper Co.
BoHouse Prints

If boho isn’t your style, I suggest just searching Etsy for “*your style* digital prints”

Hope this helps! Love y’all!
XO, B.

Black Friday Week 2020

Hey y’all! Happy craziest-week-of-the-year 2020 edition. I’m going to use this space to link up a few retailers along with the sales they have going. That way if you already know what you’re shopping for, you can just use one of the links here to get to it!

Target / up to 40% off site wide, BOGO toys, electronic bargains, bedding & bath 20% off.

American Eagle / 40% off + free shipping.

Amazon / site wide deals on specific items.

Luseta Beauty / 30% off site wide with code HOLIDAY.

Madewell / up to 50% off site wide (30% off real leather bags) with code VERYMERRY.

Capri Blue / 30% off site wide.

Nordstrom / cyber deals up to 50% off + extra 25% off clearance.

DSW / 30% off everything.

Old Navy / 50% off everything.

Ulta / 50% off Black Friday deals.

Sephora / up to 50% off + free shipping.

Abercrombie / 40% off site wide.

Anthropologie / 30% off everything.

Urban Outfitters / BOGO 50% off mix & match.

Colourpop / 30% off.

Adidas / up to 50% off.

Finish Line / 25% off select styles with code CYBER25

Shopbop / 20% off $200+

Shop Small Gift Inspo

Listing a few of my personal favorites first and then you can find all the suggestions from the question box below!

Sundrenchd by Jordan / I have been buying from Sundrenchd for years now (crazy to think about) and I wear the pieces I have from her almost everyday. Her jewelry is beautiful, versatile and never bothers me or gets in my way. I never have trouble making her pieces work with my outfits. Jordan is the incredible woman behind Sundrenchd and she is just as lovable as her jewelry. I’m glad to have made a friend in her because she is a true gem.

La Morenita Linda / Chelsey makes the most gorgeous, unique earrings I’ve seen. She’s a college student who hustles to create stunning polymer clay earrings while attending classes at CWU. I bought two pairs of custom earrings from her and they were wildly under-priced & I was shocked at the perfection of them when I received them. I’m certain that there isn’t an earring she can’t make! The detail on her earrings is incredible! She currently only sells her artwork via instagram, but she makes the ordering process super easy!

Jam Threads / Catie is a stay at home mama who designs graphic tees, sweatshirts, beanies, etc. I’ve owned several of her t-shirts and hats and they’re just so comfy & perfect for #momlife . I’ve been buying from Jam Threads for over two years (woah) and never been disappointed. She has a really great holiday collection out now & has lots of mom/kid coordinating pieces. Catie always keeps it real on Instagram and that’s definitely something I can appreciate! You can use my code BAILEY for a discount at checkout.

Red Cherry Blvd / The most beautiful dainty gold vermeil jewelry. The shop is based in Berlin, Germany but has a free shipping option so no worries! I spent HOURS combing Etsy for a specific type/style of jewelry and this shop just really sucked me in! I even added some of their pieces to my own Christmas list!

The Midwest Sun / The. Best. Boho. Vibes. I discovered The Midwest Sun while browsing Etsy this summer and fell in love with her shirts/sweatshirts right away. So many girl power / vintage vibes. I even hosted a giveaway with her earlier this year. I have several of her creations and love them all! Amanda, the owner/designer is also a mama and I love any chance I get to support a fellow mama pursuing her dream.

Polliwogs / A small children’s boutique with goodies for any kid and a few things for mamas, too! The girls and I have a few special clothing pieces from Polliwogs and love everything in her shop!

Now here are some of YOUR suggestions — / Floral & Decor from Marysville, WA.

Bronze Owl Boutique / Gemstone Jewelry from Flat Rock, NC.

Hair Revival

A hair care brand recently reached out to me and asked if they could send me some products to try, no strings attached. They had me take a hair quiz to learn more about my hair and then sent me some products based on my answers! I want to preface this with – I never agree to share any products until AFTER I’ve tried them and can form my own opinion about them.

I first used the products on October 28th (I want to be transparent about how long I’ve been using them) and I am BLOWN away at how different my hair is after 16 days (not 16 washes, because I don’t wash my hair everyday).

First, let me say, I hadn’t even realized how far from it’s natural texture my hair had gotten. After a couple washes with Luseta, I realized that my hair was starting to feel much softer and much healthier. I won’t make any claims that Luseta’s products are “healing” my hair because I know that’s literally impossible. I went to cosmetology school, so don’t come for me on this one. Haha! But I will say that I feel like my hair is actually coming CLEAN when I wash it and that, alone, is making it look & feel much healthier than before. These products are not leaving a film or residue on my hair the way my previous products were. Less residue means the hair is less oily close to my scalp; WIN!

I also want to note – I have VERY thin hair and have struggled with creating volume for a very long time. I’ve teased it, blown it out with a round brush, used dry shampoo, etc. and nothing has given my hair good volume, but I love that these products aren’t heavy, so my hair is able to look more voluminous all on it’s own. I still use dry shampoo when needed, but I’ve noticed that I’m using a lot less now that I found a good shampoo & conditioner.

I really wasn’t expecting to be blown away or feel much of a difference. But the fact that these products totally blindsided me and made me feel like I have a whole new head of hair has me all kinds of excited! I’ll share the exact products I’ve been using the past few weeks, but they have TONS of different options for different hair types! I bought madacamia oil to go along with the shampoo and conditioner they sent me, so that I could use ONLY Luseta products while testing them out for you. This oil has completely replaced any other leave-in products I was previously using. I use less than a dime size amount on the ends of my hair to prevent it from getting dry (something that most people struggle with during the cold months). And you can even take the same hair quiz that I took and find out what might work best for you, if you’re unsure! And the best part of all?! The DISCOUNT code, duh. After all, that’s why you follow me, right (kidding.. Kind of)?


Use code BGROWW for a discount when you shop!
*the links in this blog post are affiliate links. This means when you use them, I may earn a small commission from your purchase. These links do not track any of your personal or financial information and using my link does not cost you anything. These links are how I earn an income and pay for things like this website, groceries & giveaway prizes.

5 Ways to Style My Fav Cardigan

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Okay here we go — Sharing 5 super easy to ways to style ONE cardigan. Making outfits out of pieces that were already in my closet from summer. Buy the exact cardigan I’m wearing HERE. I’m wearing the XS/S and it fits very oversized!

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