Style Round-Up 11/11

Do I even remember how to do this? We’ll see!

I spent some time rounding up a lot of really good fall/winter staples for this year.

All clothing under $100. Some under $20.

Every single pair of shoes listed is on sale, except the Dr. Marten’s.

Most items are available in several really great colors.

Sorel winter boots are over 50% off.

Want to be able to save specific items for later? Head over to the app and “heart” the items you love so they’ll be saved in your favorites forever. 


img_4195-e1573510041480.png IMG_4198 IMG_4193 IMG_4194 IMG_4190 img_4192.png img_4199.png img_4191.png img_4197.png IMG_4196


image10 image9.png image5.png image1-4.png image7.png image2.png image3.png image6.png image4.png image0.png image8.png


img_4188.png img_4186.png img_4182.png img_4187.png img_4183.png img_4189.png img_4184.png img_4185.png


img_4213.png img_4216.png img_4214-2.png img_4210.png img_4211.png



img_4201.png IMG_4209 img_4204.png img_4207.png img_4202.png img_4208.png img_4206.png img_4203.png img_4205.png


image1-5.png image2-2.png image0-3.png

XO, b.

Middleton’s Fall Festival, worth the hype?

This past weekend, we took a little trip out to the Middleton’s Fall Festival. We’ve been to just about every pumpkin patch within an hour of our house and this one was so much different than all the others.  I’m 100% that mom who is super pumped for a family fun day and then wants to leave 45 minutes after we get there. Every. Single. Time. I don’t love big crowds, I’m not super into carnival-type stuff and I hate feeling claustrophobic. I expected this event to make me feel the same way as all the others. But that wan’t the case. We were there for FIVE hours and I was actually bummed when we had to leave because they were shutting down for the night. I wanted to stay and do more, which is so unlike me. I’ll share most of our day here and a few quick tips at the end!


First thing we did when we got inside the gate was head for the corn maze. As we approached, a bunch of people tried to steer us away because they had gotten lost and were frustrated. (lol) But we went ahead anyway. There’s a picture of the maze at the front so you can take a photo and use it as a map. We did that and had no problem getting back out within 5 minutes of starting. No problem. So definitely take the picture if you decide to try out the corn maze!

We decided to just go ahead and eat right away because none of us are fun to be around when we’re hungry. There were so many options to choose from, most of them local food vendors. Tamales, Pizza, Corn dogs, Tuscan food, a taco truck & more. The girls had cheese pizza ( big surprise, I know), I had fresh pork tamales & Marty got his favorite, taco truck tacos. We were all pleasantly surprised by the large portions and delicious food. I might even have to hunt down Molly’s Tamales so I can get more. No shame.

The girls were more excited about the horse rides than anything else, so that’s where we went next. $5 a ride or you can choose to pay with Midd Bucks. Paisley rode a horse all by herself and Hallie & I rode doubles on a horse. It was so worth it and my girls loved it more than anything they’ve gotten to do at any other fall fest. The horses took us out into a freshly-mowed field, down a hill & looped around. Such an awesome memory to have with my horse-loving, city-living babes.


Right next to the horse rides, there are two kiddie trains that the girls wanted to check out. One made of old barrels turned sideways, the other with wooden carts to ride in, both pulled by tractor. They chose the barrel train so they could pick which “color” they got to ride in. Kids. Lol. They rode it twice, once together and once separately. Both trains are free with admission and you can come back as many times as you’d like.

There were all kinds of other kid-friendly fun activities that were also free, that our girls loved. A giant slide down the hillside with silk pillows to ride down on, a hamster-wheel type game, a ball toss, a haystack to climb, pillow trampolines, a kid’s maze and a corn pit for digging. We rotated back and forth between them all for several hours and our kids didn’t fuss ONCE. No one got hurt, we didn’t have to fuss with tickets or tokens or long lines. Just good, easy fun that we all enjoyed.

 Toward the end of the evening, we checked out our private fire pit where we roasted some marshmallows and had a chance to rest and regroup before we headed back out to jump on the jump pillows one more time.

The Middleton’s have truly made a fun place to hangout with family this season. All the good fun, none of the stress or craziness. A couple tips I can share – 1. Don’t wear shoes that are difficult to get on/off or require tying. You have to remove your shoes for a lot of the activities and by the end of the evening I was pretty sick of putting P’s converse back on. 2. Dress cool. No matter how chilly it is outside, you will get warm running around with your kids. 3. GO EARLY. You will want to be there for several hours. 5 hours wasn’t even enough for us. 4. Eat the tamales. Always.


Thanks for the memories, Middleton family! We’ll be back . ❤


XO, B.


Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day weekend is your last chance to get some good deals before the black friday / cyber monday madness comes around. Haven’t bought any fall clothes yet? Now’s a good time, even if it’s still 90 degrees outside. *cough* I’m going to list a few things I already own that are on major sale first, followed by other goodies and great sales worth checking out.

If you want to shop my recent outfits (most of which are entirely on sale this weekend) you can click here, and “heart” the items you want to shop for later or shop them now while they’re on sale.


One of my favorite, super affordable makeup brands is having a major sale this weekend on their already bargain prices. I use their brow products and love some of their lip products as well. I’ll link all the things I use on a daily basis below. All of them are under $10 w/ free shipping over $30. In addition to these favs, I have several lipsticks that are already sold out & TONS of brushes from this brand. I’ve never been dissapointed.

limited_allstar_800x1200 Brow-Gel_b_fe91ade0-3f0f-4ffa-90d3-81c834015285.jpg sunny_side_d_800x1200 brow-boss-pencil-Brunette_a.jpg Gingham_LL-a_85d1fea5-6b5a-4ba5-87f0-d5773a064d4d_800x1200.jpg flexitarian_d-2_800x1200-2.jpg

Next up – my all time favorite bracelets, ALL 40% off this weekend, but selling out quickly. The very first one is my all-time favorite, must-have, go-to accessory. I love it SO much and wear it ALL the time. I have several others but they’re currently sold out so I linked a few other beauties.

ve203_00bbb9e4-42bd-4106-a8de-07c511b764e1_589_800x.jpg N-M-BOHO015_575_800x VE220_101_800x ZJ999034_800x ZJ201946_800x CT0004_800x.jpg

I have posted about these several times lately and quite a few of you have bought them for yourselves! They are AMAZING for the price, especially when they’re on sale. They have different sales every once in a while, usually just for 20% off. This weekend my favorite bra is BOGO 50% off. And I *believe* you can stack the 20% new-email coupon on top of the sale. Just sign up for their emails and you’ll get the code within a few minutes. I seriously love these wireless bras, I haven’t worn a wire-bra since. These come in TONS of colors, which I looooove because #inclusionmatters


A few recent outfits that are almost entirely on sale (just click the image to shop) —

IMG_1243 IMG_2280 IMG_2281 IMG_2277 IMG_0997 IMG_2282 IMG_2279 IMG_2278


Late Summer, Early Fall Must-Haves

I had originally planned to break this blog post down by price ranges, but according to my Instagram poll, most of you prefer things broken down by style. I already own some of these pieces but may not have shared them yet, so check my Instagram & my story highlights if you’d like to see them on a non-model!

For reference, I am 5’1 130 lbs. and I typically wear a size Small/4.


This boyfriend tee is amazing! SOOO soft and so oversized. I ordered the Raw Sienna color, size S and will definitely be wearing this a ton over the next few months.

5494_1391_231_of 5494_1391_400_of

0350_1782_400_of 3360_4177_309_of IMG_3255 0643_3801_107_f 46330890_030_c 35236009_017_a.jpeg 0366_4141_300_of.jpeg 0644_3927_900_f.jpeg IMG_0164 IMG_0167 IMG_0169 IMG_0170 IMG_0168 IMG_0165 IMG_0172 IMG_0171 IMG_0173 IMG_0166 IMG_0178 



IMG_0188 IMG_0185 IMG_0180 IMG_0182 51321362_034_a-e1563954459991.jpeg



KIC_150-9403-1157-602_model1 IMG_4114 5-14-19_-_Part_II5665_Copyright_Red_Dress_2019_ee6a5039-7a8c-4f37-b5c3-db6edab3ef7b 1341_8653_200_of IMG_0174


Activewear/Lounge Wear

I recently ordered these came leggings in the black color and as soon as I tried them on, I decided I should have ordered them in the other colors as well. So comfy, so breathable and flattering too! I ordered the ‘Small Short’ and they fit perfectly.

0491_4704_073_ob-e1564730735745.jpeg 0491_4704_631_of 0491_4704_357_of.jpeg

I also recently ordered this cozy neon sweatshirt in yellow and am OBSESSED. It is soon soft on the inside, like the kind of sweatshirt you we as a shirt. SO GOOD. Also available in green & pink neon. I ordered the size S.

1457_9575_628_of.jpeg 1457_9575_700_of.jpeg

IMG_0175 IMG_0177 IMG_0179



I’m super obsessed with bracelet stacks & arm wraps lately. I noticed these super awesome mix & match 3 for $30 bracelets the other day and couldn’t help but share! There are quite a few styles to choose from, but I just chose a couple pictures of my favs!

IMG_0192 IMG_0189 IMG_0190

img_0194.png IMG_0193 IMG_0198

Okay, honesty hour.. I’m dozing off trying to finish this post up. So it will double in size soon! I have dresses, kimonos, shoes & more basics to add. I’ll post on Instagram again when I update it! In the meantime, spoil yourselves! XO


Pre-Fall Styles!

Pre-Fall Style Round-Up!

Sharing a few pieces that you can add to your summer wardrobe that will transition perfectly into fall!

This pinafore dress can be worn now, by itself and in the fall with a slouchy cardigan and booties. A cute neon sweatshirt that can be thrown on with your fav. denim shorts for summer nights or worn with a pair of mom jeans this fall. Finding pieces that I can transition from season to season is my favorite! I included a few great ones here & most of them are available in several colors. Also linking some super cute workout/athleisure gear that I’m loving for this fall at the bottom of this post! Find more current pieces that I’m loving here. And if you aren’t already following me on but want to shop more of my outfits, inspo boards etc., head to my profile here and give me your follow!

IMG_4997 IMG_4996

IMG_4998 IMG_4999

IMG_5002 IMG_5001

IMG_5004 IMG_5003

IMG_5010 IMG_5009

51321362_034_a-e1563954444497.jpeg 51321362_034_b-e1563954509702.jpeg


IMG_5007 IMG_5008

IMG_5006 IMG_5005


New Arrivals!

A blog post dedicated to all things NOT Nordstrom Anniversary related.

There are lots of new releases (on sale) at my favorite retailers that are being lost among the Nsale madness. So I’m sharing them here and shouting from the rooftops that these will be fall staples this year!

img_4104.png img_4107.png img_4111.png img_4114.png img_4105.png img_4103.png img_4108.png img_4109.png img_4102.png img_4113.png img_4106.png img_4112.png img_4115.png IMG_4116 img_4117.png img_4110.png