Quarantine with Littles

Just sharing some of our current favorites for keeping the girls entertained and some other great options, too. Everything listed has a free shipping option, as well. So no worries about needing to venture out to a store to get stuff!

Paisley has been doing puzzles like crazy. So I’ll start there.

These floor puzzles are some of our favorite. We actually have several of them. The quality is great and the pieces fit together really nicely. Tons of different pictures to choose from too.


  1. Endangered Species
  2. Construction
  3. Ballerinas
  4. Solar System
  5. Under the Sea
  6. Rain Forest

I shared a 4 pack of princess puzzles that Paisley and I were doing, in stories. I tried to find those exact puzzles and could only find them being resold on eBay, but I did find this cute little four pack for $9.99

Marty went and bought this giant pack of chalk and stencils for $12 on Quarantine day 1. The girls have played with it everyday, at some point throughout the day. Plenty of chalk for several kids, too!


P is only 5, but she’s been really obsessed with working on addition lately. So I’m ordering this fun little number toy for her. You can match up the colors, numbers, etc. and you can also take the color coordinated rings and use them for addition practice. Super affordable and it’s wood! I think it would be age-appropriate for kids anywhere from 2-6, different aged kids would just utilize it in different ways.


*SIGH* I have been resisting kinetic sand for YEARS. But Marty brought some home when he went and bought chalk last week and the girls have been OBSESSED. I thought it would be such a mess, but it’s actually not bad. It sticks to itself, for the most part & is SUPER easy to sweep/vacuum up. I’m actually glad he bought it. Both girls have been entertained by it for hours. I’ll share a couple different sets at different prices.

  1. 1lb. of sand + 16 tools $14
  2. Rainbow Sand Set $10
  3. 2lb. of sand + 10 tools $20

We don’t have this but I saw it the other day (can’t remember where) and it looks like such a fun fidget toy! It’s similar to a rubix cube, but meant for younger  kids. You match up the smaller balls (inside) to the colored spot on the ball. Under $8. Definitely worth having around!

This coloring subscription is AMAZING. It’s FIVE dollars a month. Typically you get about 6 hand-drawn coloring pages each month, but Tara has added 20 extra pages this month, for free! You can print the pages as many times as you’d like, and you keep the downloads forever (I can go back and print out pages from several months ago, when we first subscribed). So the pages accumulate over time and you can go back and print out old pages when you need extras! We used to print them out at Office Depot every month, but recently bought a cheap printer so we don’t have to leave the house. The girls love coloring these, but I’m pretty sure I actually enjoy coloring them more than anyone. The best part – nobody is fighting over coloring books/pictures because I print several of each page so we each have one!

I’ll link our printer (if you don’t already have one), where to sign up for the Color Happy subscription ($5) and our favorite markers for these coloring pages.


  1. Color Happy Subscription
  2. Markers here or here
  3. Printer

P’s teacher has been sending daily worksheets to print out and we’ve been doing those but I also wanted to get some hands-on stuff for her to work on addition, counting, etc. So I grabbed a couple things on Amazon! I’ll link a few great options here :







I’ll add more as I think of them or as we get more & more bored! Good luck, mamas! XO

The Gift Guide

I will be the first to admit it, I’m not the world’s best gift-giver. But I do have some awesome suggestions. Even if these don’t fit, maybe one of them will spark an idea for ya!

What YOU could ask for when someone asks:


These huggie hoop earrings are probably the #1 thing I’d ask for this year, they’re just so dainty and perfect. I have the necklace that matches this “mama” ring and it has held up SO incredibly well. I shower with it on, sleep with it on, swim with it on in the summer, etc. and it hasn’t shown any signs of wear at all. Such great quality for an awesome price.


This. Blanket. Holy cow! Such a cute ‘snuggle on the couch’ throw. Available in several colors, too! It’s on sale right now, but don’t come after me later if the sale ends. Lol.

IMG_4970 IMG_4972 IMG_4971

Any FP bag would make a great gift, even for non-moms. Pro-tip though, their shipping can be painfully slow sometimes, so if you want to be absolutely sure you get your order before Christmas – you can order most of their bags through Amazon and use the free 2-day shipping. There are tons of color options for every style of bag. Here are some Amazon links to their bags –

IMG_5955 IMG_5954IMG_5956


This hair dryer brush has been a super hot item this year. I have been wanting to try it out for months so I asked for it for Christmas from my Mama this year. Certain colors are cheaper, some are sold out, etc. But definitely check it out if you blow dry your hair a lot.

These beanies are so amazing! Their the closest thing I can find to my favorite beanies from last year that people always ask about. I’ve seen them style by tons of other bloggers and they look really, really similar to mine! Available in 4 colors!


I’m actually wearing this cozy sweatshirt (and the leggings linked below) as I’m writing this blog post. I would buy them  both in every color if I could. I think the sweatshirt speaks for itself as far as coziness/comfort. It’s amazing and has fur in just the right places. And these leggings – They are the most buttery soft, amazing leggings I’ve ever found. Squat-proof, not too hot, they don’t pill at all and they are soon soft. SOOOOO soft. Both the sweatshirt and leggings are available in several colors. I’ll share a few of the colors, but there are tons more!

IMG_5964 IMG_5962 IMG_5963

The leggings –

IMG_5961 IMG_5959 IMG_5958


Can we please talk about how these slippers are this cheap? Plus free shipping? Okay. I’ll take one of every color, I guess (there are tons of colors, I chose shared a few here)!

IMG_5966 IMG_5965 IMG_5967

XO, b.

Spring Dresses & Statement Earrings

Two of my absolute favorite things. Statement earrings and Spring dresses. All in one blog post. Sharing some favs here! Earrings first!

**Please shop using the links provided in this post so you can help support my blog! When you shop through my links, it lets the retailer know you came from my blog and I earn commissions based off of those purchases that can be tracked back to my blog. I’ll never know you made the purchase or see any of your information. Thanks for supporting me and my blog!

IMG_9332 img_9333.png IMG_9341img_9339.png img_9337.png img_9334.png IMG_9343 img_9340.png img_9336.png img_9335.png img_9342.png IMG_9338

And now ALL the best dresses to go with your new earrings..

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A Few Things That Caught My Eye

Once again – why is naming a blog post so awkward for me? Make it stop.

I feel like none of my go-to stores have been getting anything new in, so I’ve been left feeling kind of uninspired, but I have spotted a few random things that I’ve *almost* bought for myself. So if you’re looking to treat yourself or have some Christmas money to burn through, maybe this post is for you! Fair warning, this is total randomness. Just things I’ve seen while out Christmas shopping or that I’ve come across online. No rhyme or reason, really. All photos are stoppable! So click away. And as always, you can just ask if you have questions about anything!

First up, my absolute favorite sweater is available in two new colors, as well as all the original colors. I love the two I have so much, but am a sucker for blush. So I might have to add one more to the arsenal! I’ve included a photo of me in the “unicorn” color for fit reference. I’m wearing a size XS, they are “oversized” w/o you having to size up!

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