Staple Closet Pieces

I’ve been asking what you all want to see more of on the blog & I’m finally going to start tackling those requests! One of the most requested topics is staple closet pieces. Things that are absolutely crucial for me to style outfits and get dressed w/o losing my mind. Staple pieces can be different for everyone but I also believe that even if everyone owned the same exact staple pieces, you would never know. These aren’t the “star of the show” items. They’re the parts of an outfit that don’t stand out but are crucial as a solid base for all the “fun” parts of an outfit that show your individual personality & style. This also means that these pieces are sometimes investment pieces & can be spendy. But they’ll last and are 100% worth the investment if you take good care of them and treat them like the MVP that they are. Invest in your closet and you’ll be that much more excited to get up, get dressed & get out, everyday. When you look good, you feel good.

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