Spring/Summer Style for Girls

Spring / Summer Style for Girls

Toddler & Little Girl styles are linked, you can click the image to shop all of the items, or use the individual links below the photos.

If you shop for your kiddos please use the links provided!

Enjoy! XO

Dresses for Girls!

  1. Polka Dot Dress / girls
  2. Striped Dress / girls
  3. Tie-Dye Dress / toddler
  4. Red Stripe Dress / toddler & girls
  5. Turquoise Dress / toddler
  6. Solid Swing Dresses / toddler & girls


Dresses for Girls!-4

  1. Strawberries / girls
  2. Rainbow Henley / toddler & girls
  3. Avocados / toddler & girls
  4. Blue Stripes / toddler & girls
  5. Red Ruffle Tulip / toddler & girls ( discount code BGROWW20 )
  6. Rainbow Ruffles / toddler
  7. Floral / toddler


Dresses for Girls!-5

  1. Embroidered Romper / toddler & girls
  2. Polka Dot Romper / toddler
  3. White Leather Sandals / toddler  girls (20% off site-wide when you sign up for The Fringe with code FMOBAILEYG )
  4. Striped Romper / girls
  5. Raw-Hem Shorts / girls
  6. Rainbow Sandals / toddler & girls
  7. Flower Skirt / toddler
  8. Dark Green Shorts / toddler


Dresses for Girls!-8

These links are not affiliate links –

  1. Flower Shirt / girls
  2. Sandals / toddler
  3. Pink Stripe Shorts / toddler
  4. Navy Vertical Shorts / girls
  5. Polka Dot Romper / toddler
  6. Stripe Tee / toddler
  7. Watermelon Top / girls
  8. Teal Dress / toddler
  9. Venice Graphic Tee / girls



June & January Color Block + discount!

The June & January color block collection is officially here!




So. Many. Good. Summer. Finds. All the best colors in all the best, comfy styles. Meant to be played in, meant to be loved. June & January will always be my go-to for kiddo clothes! I love that their clothes are so soft, so easy to launder and they are always my kids’ first pick out of the closet. #win

Shop any of the new styles by clicking the photos above an check out all the new goodies added to the sale section, too! If you’re a first-time customer, you can get 20% off your entire purchase with discount code BGROWW20

Happy Shopping! XO

June & January Bright Basics 2/22

It’s a J&J Friday! This week is the bright basics drop. 2/22 at 7CST. That’s 6PST, 8MST, 9EST.

We got our sneak peak package in the mail today so I hurried and snapped a few quick pictures to share! I’ll leave a graphic at the end of the post so you can see ALL the good things coming tonight!

New customers can shop using my code BGROWW20 ❤️ I just ask that you please shop using my links because that’s the only way I’ll get credit for your purchase. The link can be used by new AND returning customers. The code is just exclusive to new J&J fans!

Shop here or click on any of the pictures below!

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