Field of Dreams, exploring Seabrook.

I have absolutely no clue where to even begin with this one, so just let me say this; the entire Field of Dreams / Seabrook, WA experience is absolutely magical. Also let me preface this post with this – I have traveled a substantial amount. I have stayed in a lot of hotels, rentals, cabins, etc. but I have NEVER stayed anywhere like Field of Dreams. Nothing compares to our experience in Seabrook. I can’t speak for every cottage in town, but I can tell you exactly what I think of Field of Dreams. I am in actual disbelief about how perfect our experience was. I’m going to start from the beginning and share it all – no promises that I won’t get sidetracked though!


Let’s assume you and your family are staying at Field of Dreams – When you arrive in Seabrook, you’ll need to check in at the Cottage Rentals office, located on Front Street, right next to the market. You’ll be greeted like a local, you’ll get a special code that you’ll use for access to your cottage for the duration of your stay & (if you’re traveling with a doggo) they’ll give you a little bag with info about staying in Seabrook with a pup, a few small dog treats & a special tag for their collar in case they get lost. Use the town map and follow Meriweather St. into the Farm District. Pass the community garden, the playground & the basketball courts. Field of Dreams is on the left, just beyond horseshoe park. You’ll arrive at the back of the house. The front of the cottage faces Orchard Walk Park, a small area with a  water feature that separates the cottage from the very nearby woods where you’ll find the Narnia trail. You’ll know you’ve found the right house when you see the red door.

Seabrook loves a good pop of color!

Field of Dreams sleeps 10ish people. The cottage has 3 king bedrooms, each with it’s own au suite bathroom and individual decor style. There is also a kids’ room with dual bunk beds and a separate play nook with plenty of toys. There’s a half bath off the laundry room, a gorgeous farm style dining area and living room, complete with a HUGE sectional & a full size kitchen so you can eat in instead of going out! There’s also a private hot tub at the back of the house & a gas fire pit on the front porch. Hello s’more roasting! * One room in the house has heated floors, but I’ll leave it up to you to to find out which room it is!


We cooked dinner in the cottage twice and it was SO easy. We ordered Home Chef meals and had them delivered on the day of our arrival (you could also just bring them from home in an ice chest). The meal kits come with 99% of what you need and the rest is available in the house. We were able to just toss it all in the fridge and cook it when we were ready. I’ll share more about our experience with Home Chef in a separate post, but if you’re looking to try out their meal delivery, you can use code BGROWW100 for $100 off your first order right here! Field of Dreams has every dish, utensil, tool, etc. you could possibly need plus all the essential spices, just in case! One night my sister and I cooked together & the next, my mom helped with dinner. We could easily work together in the kitchen without any issue, we saved a ton of money by eating in AND we had so much fun cooking together and then enjoying dinner as a family, in the privacy of our cottage!

Field of Dreams is a dog-friendly cottage, so bring your pups! We brought our dachshund, Bear, along for the adventure and I am SO glad we did! We took him on a beach trip one other time but even though our hotel was pet-friendly, they didn’t necessarily LIKE pets & it almost seemed like they purposely made it difficult to bring your pet with. So glad we took a chance and brought our little guy with us to Seabrook. He had just as much fun as the rest of us! I seriously appreciate that Field of Dreams loves the  puppers just as much as us! Just make sure to leash your pup & clean up after them, though! You don’t want to be THOSE people!

The only real downside to staying at Field of Dreams? Eventually, you’ll have to go home. Paisley & Hallie both shed a few genuine tears before bed on our last night at the cottage. They weren’t ready to leave “our new house” and I don’t blame them one bit. This trip was a dream come true. We could not have asked for a better place to stay. We made so many incredible memories, spent time together as a family without the distractions of “real life” and were able to enjoy every second of each day. This trip was something that’s usually hard to come by with kids; easy and so, SO relaxing. Field of Dreams, you have a little piece of our hearts forever. No doubt about it.

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You can also find more videos and photos of Field of Dreams in my Instagram story highlight titled “Seabrook!”


For any / all outfit details, see this blog post!

Want to know more about the town of Seabrook?

Seabrook is a beautifully curated, little beach town along the Washington coast, home to the Field of Dreams cottage. You can walk anywhere in town in less 10 minutes. There aren’t a ton of overwhelming souvenir shops or questionable diners. There are, however, a couple great restaurants, a coffee shop, a candy store, a toy store, a book store, one tasteful Seabrook merchandise store, a small grocery market with all the essentials, a four-legged friend store, a Chip & Jo-esque interior decor store, a spa, a bike rental spot & a small clothing boutique. Essentially – there is one of everything. But just one. And they are all beautiful! It’s quality over quantity in Seabrook. The streets are clean, the cars on the road are few and pedestrians rule the streets. There are free, kid-friendly adventures on every corner. Several trails for hiking, a special trail for gnome hunting, 10+ parks scattered around town, a basketball court, a zip-line, a dog park, horseshoe pits, bocce ball courts, countless fire pits stocked with freshly chopped wood, an indoor pool, a gym, tennis courts and of course, the beach! The town is divided into 8 districts, each named fittingly. Field of Dreams is nestled in the Farm District, across from the Equestrian center. The distance from Field of Dreams to the town center is about a 5 minute walk. Seabrook is like something out of a movie. The people are so friendly, everything is clean and beautiful. The entire town is esthetically pleasing. Hundreds of cottage style homes in the most gorgeous colors with the sweetest little crushed seashell sidewalks. The kind of place you can walk around at night and never look over your shoulder once.

I could keep you here all day chatting about all the little things to do around Seabrook, but I figure it’s easiest to just share a few photos from *some* of our adventures and caption them accordingly :

The gnome trail – Find the old stump on Compass Street and just beyond it, you’ll find the start of the gnome trail. Tiny fairies and gnomes tucked away in their homes, just waiting for you to find them. Our kids had SO much fun hunting gnomes. Constant gasps and shouting “LOOK!” to each other as they found each little gnome house.

Visit the horses – The Seabrook Equestrian center is right across from Field of Dreams and the horses are beautiful! Definitely the biggest, friendliest horses we’ve ever met!

Head into town, grab yourself a Chilly Goat (thanks for the suggestion, Liz) at Red Velvet Bakery & then go around the corner to Tides by Seabrook, say hi to Rowen and buy every single hat in her store, because they’re amazing! She has much more than hats, but I’m sure you’ve noticed my obsession. I’ve never seen such beautiful town merchandise!

We also had dinner at Koko’s, a mexican-esque restaurant in town, found some quirky candy at The Sweet Life, snagged some cute things for the girls from Brooklets Toys  & browsed SeaWorthy Home for a bit. All definitely worth visiting!

Being bored, grumpy or stressed in Seabrook is not an option. Relaxing, having a good time & just going with the flow are the norm here. Both girls really loved Brooklets Toys, right across the street from Tides. Paisley really loved all the little hidden trails we walked & wanted to spend hours on the zip line. Hallie’s favorites were probably the gnome trail and the giant Saint Bernard we met in town. My favs? Shopping in the town center and relaxing at the cottage. Something for everyone!

And no – we did not forget to visit the beach! We found starfish and sand dollars and cruised up and down the beach several times. I love watching the girls get excited over every little shell.

Last but certainly not least, I want to extend a very special thanks to The Anderson’s for allowing us to share their sweet, little, hidden-gem beach house with all of you. Until next time, Seabrook! XO



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Did you make it all the way to the end? As a thank you, I’m giving away one $20 gift card (winner will choose between Amazon or Target) to one of my readers who reads this blog post, follows Field of Dreams on Instagram & then comments on THIS Instagram post. The giveaway rules will not be shared anywhere else, so the winner will be exclusive to those who read our Field of Dreams blog post! Happy Spring!

Vacation Style!

I wanted to share EVERYTHING about our trip all in one place, but there was just SO much to share, so I decided to split the outfit details into a separate post. Some outfits are linked on the app. Several of the pieces we wore during our trip were from Polliwogs Children’s Boutique in Richland. Shop their online store here or if you’re local, find them in the Uptown shopping center in Richland. Alexa has created such a beautiful little spot to shop, she chooses the most beautiful pieces to sell in her store and she is such a sweet gal! Use code BGROWW for 15% your order.

These AMAZING sweatshirts can be found here : adult // kids . I’m wearing the S/M & the girls are wearing 2/4 & 4/6. We wore these sweatshirts for a good portion of our stay. The weather was colder than we had anticipated and these were PERFECT.

Paisley is wearing this lace neckline dress, the bell sleeves are so dang cute! And my sweet little sundress is this Rylee & Cru mama style. I’m definitely thinking about going back for this dress in the other color. The length and the thickness of the material are soo goooood! We have a few other Polliwog’s outfits to share but the weather wasn’t quite warm enough to take pictures of them while we were in Seabrook, so I’ll be taking pictures of them in the next week or so and sharing them when I can!

June & January sent us a package of goodies also, but unfortunately it was delivered after we had already left town – so I’ll be sharing those styles soon also! You can use code BGROWW20 when you shop here at June & January!

All of our hats are from Tides by Seabrook!

The rest of my outfits are linked on my LTK profile or you can click on the individual images below to shop!

IMG_9876 IMG_0003 IMG_9660 IMG_0042 IMG_9587 IMG_9445 IMG_9852 IMG_9428 IMG_9310

XO, b.