New Arrivals!

A blog post dedicated to all things NOT Nordstrom Anniversary related.

There are lots of new releases (on sale) at my favorite retailers that are being lost among the Nsale madness. So I’m sharing them here and shouting from the rooftops that these will be fall staples this year!

img_4104.png img_4107.png img_4111.png img_4114.png img_4105.png img_4103.png img_4108.png img_4109.png img_4102.png img_4113.png img_4106.png img_4112.png img_4115.png IMG_4116 img_4117.png img_4110.png


Graphic Tee Bonanza

A good friend of mine requested a graphic tee blog post, so here we are. I’ve found enough for you and 29 of your friends. I’m going to just link them all below. The prices range from $20 – $160. There’s a tee for everyone in this post.

If you aren’t already following me on, please do! It will make both of our lives easier. All the links to all the things you could ever possibly want are there. Sharing links on IG is really difficult for me since I don’t have the “swipe up” feature yet. So this is the best way to get to all my links, all the time.

IMG_3254 img_3273.png IMG_3255 img_3274.png img_3256.png IMG_3275 img_3257.png img_3276.png img_3258.png IMG_3277 img_3259.png img_3278.png img_3260.png IMG_3279 img_3261.png img_3280.png img_3263.png IMG_3281 img_3264.png img_3282.png img_3265.png img_3283.png IMG_3266 img_3284.png img_3267.png IMG_3268 img_3269.png img_3270.png img_3271.png img_3272.png






My Christmas List (Gift Guide)

First at the top of my  Christmas list is this – for my blog to be successful and reach all kinds of women all over the country. To inspire them to treat themselves when they need it, buy the things they love & wear the clothes they feel like them self in. To inspire them to chase every dream, wear the fun sneakers w/ the space buns, try out new looks no matter how wild or unconventional and to connect with those women along the way. SO w/ that said, thank you all for supporting this dream and for sharing my pages with your friends near and far – Cheers to you all!

P.S. HI MOM. I see you, there. LOVEYOU.

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The graphic tee, a cardigan’s best friend.

I’m a lover of graphic tees, no doubt. But finding the perfect one can be difficult. I’ve rounded up a few really great ones in case you’re on the hunt!

Slide View: 1: Project Social T Constellation Tee

Constellation Tee // Definitely at the top of my list.

Slide View: 4: Future State Flower Chart Tee

Flower Chart Tee // Seems random, but this tee would be amazing with jeans and an oversized cardigan. Plus hi-tops? Sign me up.

Product Image

Pink Floyd Tee // I love when the graphic is perfectly faded like this.

Product Image

NASA Tee // I actually have this tee w/ a different graphic on it and LOVE the fit. Perfect for tying in a knot!

Slide View: 1: Peanuts Holiday Caroling Sweatshirt

Peanuts Holiday Crew // I am beyond obsessed w/ this. We probably shouldn’t even talk about it.

Product Image

The Stones Crew // This one reminds me of my dad, he would be SO proud.

Slide View: 1: Junk Food Disney Crew-Neck Tee

Junk Food Tee // I don’t even know. But I know it would look awesome with a funky cardigan and chucks & I also know my kids would appreciate it. #momlife

That’s all! XO