New Arrivals!

A blog post dedicated to all things NOT Nordstrom Anniversary related. There are lots of new releases (on sale) at my favorite retailers that are being lost among the Nsale madness. So I'm sharing them here and shouting from the rooftops that these will be fall staples this year! XO!

Summer is here!

It's June! For me - that means it's officially summertime! I've rounded up a few really great items that are 100% summer. Everything is linked, just click on the photos. Please shop using these links, that's how I keep my blog going! ❤ XO

Short & Sweet

Just sharing a couple sweet little summer finds. Didn't want to wait to share because I don't know how long these will last. Happy Shopping! I can't believe these sandals are on sale for $50. There are several color options available!   XO