Get the Perfect Jewelry Combo Every Time

You all know I am no stranger to stacking on my jewelry. Rings, bracelets, 37 necklaces, I’m here for it. My favorite way to get the perfect accessory combination every single time, is to mix and match pieces that I’ve bought from some of my favorite brands and small shops with pieces that I’ve gotten in my Rocksbox. I’ve been getting Rocksbox every month for over a year now and I’ve never gotten something I didn’t love. I’ve even opted to purchase some of the pieces.

As cheesy as it may sound, Rocksbox has helped me discover what I really, truly love and learn how to mix my favorites jewelry styles (I have several) into my own eclectic look. Glass beads & lots of gold is my go-to look lately. I love that I can switch out one or two pieces to match whatever I’m wearing each day.

Some of my favorite jewelry brands and the pieces I own from their collections here :

First up – My bracelets. I stack these babies 100 different ways, depending on my outfit. I love supporting small businesses that I really, really love and believe in. Sundrenchd is AMAZING. This is a small shop that is constantly evolving. She’s constantly refreshing her products and adding more to her line-up. I originally bought a pair of earrings from her back in April of 2019 and I STILL wear them when I have an outfit to pair them with. A few months ago I finally got lucky enough to score my first bracelets from her (sometimes they sell out REALLY quick and I missed out more than once). We probably shouldn’t talk about how many bracelets I’ve bought in the past 6 months, but just know that they are absolutely beautiful in person and are the most versatile accessory I own. If you don’t already follow Jordan at Sundrenchd, please do it now! My love for her brand is as genuine as it gets.

My necklaces –

Rings – I almost always wear Rocksbox rings. I feel like I’m just too picky to commit to buying rings and I love being able to switch it up often. I’ll share a few of my fav rings I’ve gotten from Rocksbox in the past! I always try to find rose gold options, because my engagement ring is rose gold. But sometimes mixing rose gold & gold works really well!

All rings are from Rocksbox. Wear the pieces in your box as long as you want and then send them back to get your next box. Fully customizable and you have the option to purchase the pieces you love for a steep discount! Use code BGROWWXOXO for a free month!

What’s your favorite jewelry combo? Rings stacked on every finger? Big statement earrings everyday?

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Welcome to Seabrook!

As you probably know, I accepted a job offer in May that transplanted our family to Seabrook, Washington. After one month of living here, I’ve gotten a lot of repeat questions from y’all, so I figured now was a great time to answer some FAQ about our move and the town of Seabrook.

Q : What do you and your partner do for a living?

A : My blog is my full-time job, although it doesn’t pay like one (maybe someday.) When we moved here, I accepted a contract with Seabrook as their content creator. I write blog posts for their website, take photos around town and help coordinate social media posts for the town. My own blog/content are separate from the work I do for Seabrook. Marty is a journeyman electrician by trade but is not currently working as an electrician here.

Q : Did you buy a house there?

A : I wish! Maybe (hopefully) someday. But the short answer is, no. We currently rent a home (monthly, not nightly) from a wonderful home owner here in town. My boss found this home for us and had all the details worked out for us before we got here.

Q : Why did you move there?

A : This is a loaded question, to an extent. When we visited Seabrook in March, we talked about living here someday but had no idea it would ever be our reality. We decided to sell our house because of a tough situation we went through back in 2019. Our home was already on the market when the founder of Seabrook found my blog. We connected on LinkedIn (don’t ever underestimate the power of making virtual connections) and ultimately, he invited us to move here and offered me a contract with Seabrook just as our house was going under contract, so the timing was perfect and we took the leap!

Q : Is Seabrook open?

A : Yes. Seabrook is currently open. There are no hotels here (another common question) but there is a wide array of rental cottages that you can stay in. Currently, there is a 7-night minimum in place (I know this seems like a lot) in order to help protect the locals and the hospitality staff from COVID. In a town that exists primarily because of tourism, the germs come from far and wide. So extra precautions are in place for now! If you ever have questions about staying in Seabrook, please ask me! I don’t mind at all!

Q : I’m planning a trip to Seabrook in the future, what are some things we should do while we’re there?

A : I wrote an itinerary for the Seabrook website that talks about a few of our favorite places in/around town. You can find that blog post here, but if you want more suggestions or are looking for something specific, also ask me! I’d love to help you make the most of your trip to Seabrook.

Q : How are the kids?

A : Honestly – Better than ever. They have about 5 toys total in the entire house (compared to an entire toy room that was busting at the seams before) and they get along so much better. They are truly thriving here. They’ve both become more outgoing, they both spend WAY more time outside (scooters have been a staple the past three weeks) and they both have a “normal” sleep schedule now, which has been such a positive change. My mama heart is so happy seeing them happy.

I know this short post barely touches on our new lives here and I can’t wait to share more as we continue to settle in, but I wanted to at least answer a few questions while I had time to sit down and write! Thank you so much to everyone who has stuck around while we’ve navigated so many changes in our lives. I see you and I appreciate each and every one of you. I can’t wait to share more soon!

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Shop My Recent Outfits

Links to all of the goodies in my recent outfits! Just in case you don’t have the app and taking screenshots doesn’t work for you. You can always find my most recent outfits linked here! ❤ Click each photo for the deets!

You can always get 20% off at Diff Eyewear (where I get all my sunnies) with code BAILEYGROW. Most of my jewelry is from Rocksbox. AND you can get 20% off your purchase at American Eagle if you sign up through this link!

Most of the jewelry I wear, with the exception of the beaded bracelets, is from Rocksbox. You can get a free subscription + a $21 credit by using code BGROWWXOXO when you sign up!


Custom Wildflower Vans


I recently designed and ordered a pair of custom Vans. I have watched and watched for a cute pair of classics with a  gum sole for SO long and could never find a pair I loved. So I decided to just make my own and I could not be happier with the outcome. They are absolute perfection and I will probably wear them WAY too much. But I wanted to share the link to purchase your own pair, that way if anyone wanted to snag an identical pair, you could! Please make sure you purchase them through the link provided. You can click the picture above or use the “custom vans” link at the top of this paragraph.


The girls’ shoes are from June & January and you can purchase them here! 



A few things that are on major sale and too good to pass up! Some of the items neverrrr go on sale, so don’t pass on these prices!

These leggings are SO ridiculously well rated, and well-liked among everyone. I’ve never seen anyone have anything bad to say about them. The company is amazing as well, and female owned! #girlssupportinggirls I’ve actually never seen these on sale, except for Black Friday. They’re currently $25 off! You can get an extra 15% off code here! So you end up saving about $35 & still get free shipping! SCORE. Continue reading

Day After Christmas Sales

I know a lot of people are shopping for themselves the day after Christmas. Some money burning a hole, you didn’t get something you asked for, etc. So I rounded up a few boxing day (12/26) sales that are worth checking out. I’ll add more throughout the day if I see any others worth sharing!

First up, June & January is having a huge sale today. MASSIVE. It starts at 6pm PST today (12/26). I also have a code for an additional 20% off the already looooowww prices. Everything is under Continue reading

A Few Things That Caught My Eye

Once again – why is naming a blog post so awkward for me? Make it stop.

I feel like none of my go-to stores have been getting anything new in, so I’ve been left feeling kind of uninspired, but I have spotted a few random things that I’ve *almost* bought for myself. So if you’re looking to treat yourself or have some Christmas money to burn through, maybe this post is for you! Fair warning, this is total randomness. Just things I’ve seen while out Christmas shopping or that I’ve come across online. No rhyme or reason, really. All photos are stoppable! So click away. And as always, you can just ask if you have questions about anything!

First up, my absolute favorite sweater is available in two new colors, as well as all the original colors. I love the two I have so much, but am a sucker for blush. So I might have to add one more to the arsenal! I’ve included a photo of me in the “unicorn” color for fit reference. I’m wearing a size XS, they are “oversized” w/o you having to size up!

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Favorite Beanie

Naming blog posts is so weird. Do I just call it what it is? Do I try to be clever or creative?

Anyway. I found this amazing beanie that I had never, ever seen before I found it in a store the other day while shoe shopping. It comes in three colors and I really feel like if you have this hat, your beanie needs will be satisfied. It’s available in three colors; white, a muted pink & black. I have the white and pink. I still think about the black one often and might have to get it. Just in case I can’t find a beanie this good next year. It’s on sale right now too!

Here are a few really artistic photos of me wearing the two I have. Lol.

You can get your own here! Enjoy!

& you can shop the entire outfits –> HERE!



Starting From Scratch

Starting a closet from scratch. Specifically a winter closet. And for less than one million dollars. Kidding. But in all seriousness, if I had NO winter clothes I liked or was just feeling the need to toss them all and start from scratch, these are the things I would absolutely buy. One thing I usually like to do is stick w/ all one neutral. I don’t choose bags, shoes, etc. in brown tones. Ever. I might in the future. But this mama is ballin’ on a budget. So, I always go black/grey/white/taupe. That way they all always work together and I don’t ever run into an “Oh no, this outfit doesn’t work with black shoes.” Because I buy all my clothing with black shoes in mind. It saves you money and frustration. You won’t need two pairs of boots, two bags etc. You can get away with the same ones over and over by just switching up the outfits. Remember, I’m writing this as if I have an empty closet. Not a single pair of sneakers, no jeans, nothing. So if you own any clothing whatsoever, which I think you do.. You likely already have some pieces that are a great alternative to some of these suggestions.

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