Starting From Scratch

Starting a closet from scratch. Specifically a winter closet. And for less than one million dollars. Kidding. But in all seriousness, if I had NO winter clothes I liked or was just feeling the need to toss them all and start from scratch, these are the things I would absolutely buy. One thing I usually like to do is stick w/ all one neutral. I don’t choose bags, shoes, etc. in brown tones. Ever. I might in the future. But this mama is ballin’ on a budget. So, I always go black/grey/white/taupe. That way they all always work together and I don’t ever run into an “Oh no, this outfit doesn’t work with black shoes.” Because I buy all my clothing with black shoes in mind. It saves you money and frustration. You won’t need two pairs of boots, two bags etc. You can get away with the same ones over and over by just switching up the outfits. Remember, I’m writing this as if I have an empty closet. Not a single pair of sneakers, no jeans, nothing. So if you own any clothing whatsoever, which I think you do.. You likely already have some pieces that are a great alternative to some of these suggestions.

First off – shoe shopping. I love wearing sneakers. Like, LOVE LOVE. So I will always lean in favor of sneakers over heels, flats, etc. I could get by just fine with just one pair of black/white sneakers and one pair of boots, but couldn’t choose just one to include here, so here’s both. In addition to these, I also own Hunter rain boots, two pairs of UGG boots (guilty pleasure), a pair of black/white nike sneakers & my statement MTE sneakers. BUT I could get by without all those extras. Even though the shoes are probably my favorite part of any outfit, they can also be the most expensive piece, so this is one area I try to crack down on and restyle really versatile pairs over and over again. And remember – there is absolutely nothing wrong with wearing the same shoes every single day. I wear my black chucks 6/7 days of the week.


Next up – Jeans. I don’t wear any other bottoms, aside from black leggings, which I will also link. But I don’t wear skirts or any pants that aren’t denim. Again – I know there are plenty of non-denim bottoms that would be great to have in your closet, but if you’re starting from scratch, they aren’t a necessity. Denim essentials consist of at least one black pair & at least one “washed” pair. The pair on the left below is my absolute, must-have, holy grail pair of jeans. They’ve sold out tons of times and I get asked about them every single time I wear them. If you’re going to get a pair, size down one size and then prepare to fall in love.

IMG_3334(1) IMG_3750

Here are the legging must-haves if you don’t already have a favorite pair. The left are faux leather and shape your body, the second are just the best basic black leggings.


Since this is a winter closet, most of my focus will be on tops that are warm enough all by them self. Sweatshirts, sweaters, etc. But I will include some favorite tees and cardigan options as well. Obviously I would not buy all of these in white/cream/grey but they all come in different colors that you can mix and match. Obviously when picking tee shirts, you’d want to keep in mind what color cardigans you have/will be buying. And I always try to buy sweaters in different colors. I have the turtleneck one in both bright purple and charcoal grey. I LOVE a good bright colored sweater. For more sweater/cardigan options, go to my Sweaters, sweaters & more sweaters. blog post or check out my LTK page.



Bags. I am a firm believer in being able to get away with using just one purse all the time, however.. I don’t. I have a couple different, super affordable purses that I switch between. I also don’t carry hardly anything in my purse, so they are all fairly small & basic. Again – you could choose just one black purse and call it good or you can choose several in fun colors and let them be your statement piece. Here are a couple options for both. Again – most of these bags come in several colors, so click through the links to checkout the different options!


Jackets? I’d go with one of two choices – a parka or an extra long puffer jacket. And if I’m feeling really wild, I’d add in a vest. Especially since you can get one for SUPER cheap. Like, less than $20, cheap. Once again, all these outerwear options come in several different colors.


I have a blog post with some really great winter accessories that you can check out here. I also have a blog post coming in the next few days featuring my absolute favorite beanie that I’ve found under $20. But I don’t want to give it away just yet. So watch for that to come! As always, if you have questions about how the links work, alternatives for the pieces I suggested or literally anything else, please just ask! I’m a human and I love interacting with you all! XO



























































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