Gift Guide – Men

Your husband (or boyfriend, fiance, whatever) “doesn’t want anything for Christmas,” right? That’s the consensus anyway! I got several requests for a “what to buy my man” gift guide. Honest – I don’t really know what to get for Marty. But I do have a couple ideas and I do know what things he already has that I’ve bought in past years that he LOVES now, but had no idea he wanted/needed them until I got them for him. Men don’t know what they want, okay? So instead of asking them, we just buy them the things we want them to have and it usually works out well. Here we go..

First up, you can always get him an experience. A gift card for a date, a staycation, a night of appetizers at several different restaurants, a couples massage, etc. These are all things that depend entirely on who your man is and what he likes. If he loves beer, maybe a trip to a brewery. If he’s a massage kinda guy, go that route. If you think he’d enjoy a book of boudoir pictures of his woman, DO IT. Just don’t gift it at the family Christmas party. or do, if you want to make it awkward! Haha! But these are all awesome gifts & can be given in addition to a small tangible gift.

Dark Pair (left) // Lighter Pair (right)

Marty is VERY specific about his jeans. He likes the same brand, same style, same size every single time. No switching it up. Unless they’re work jeans. Then he gives zero fox. These are his absolute favorite, go-to jeans & have been for years. I can’t even count how many pairs he’s had. But he will be getting a new pair this year! They come in TONS of washes w/ slightly different pockets, but he always sticks with the “Aiden” style. They’re also very affordable, for such a  good pair of jeans. They fit true to size, so just sneak a peak at a pair of jeans from the dirty clothes and go with that! I don’t know if this is a thing, but he says “always dark jeans in the winter.” Who knew he cared so much? Haha!


RVCA Trucker Hat

I’m realizing as I’m typing this, that Marty is very consistent in what he likes. He’s had several variations of this RVCA trucker hat over the years. Although he’s tried others and found a few that were okay, he always chooses these over the others. He likes the mesh to be either black or white and doesn’t really care about the rest. I will say that I never saw him wear a hat, for the entire first year we were together, then one day he bought his first RVCA hat and he’s worn a hat almost everyday since then.


Weekender Bag

If you have a man who travels at all or if you travel a lot as a couple, this is a MUST have bag for him. Or if your man takes his really, really expensive drone with him everywhere he goes *eyeroll*, he also needs this. Here’s the thing about a nice bag – he will never buy this for himself. No matter how much of a convenience it would be, no matter how bad he needs a bag for his crap, he won’t buy one. And probably won’t even admit that he needs one. So just buy him one and don’t look back. He’ll thank you later.


Simple Black Vest

Marty has last year’s version of this exact vest and he wears it nearly everyday that he’s not at work. Partially because he doesn’t have a coat that isn’t filthy from work & partially because it keeps his core warm, but he doesn’t overheat. Also an investment, but something that will last for YEARS and that can be worn with anything.


Rechargeable AA Batteries

Any idea how many batteries xbox remotes burn through? A LOT. This is actually something that Marty asked for this year. Extremely affordable, free shipping & perfect for a stocking-stuffer. They’ll save us money in the long run, save him from the frustration of constantly needing to replace his batteries & save me from having to hear about said batteries. Add. To. Cart. If there’s a specific game he wants, these can go with!

Smoker Box // Wood Chip Variety Set // JD Wood Chips

Okay. So you have a bbq but your man wants a smoker, too. GET HIM THIS. It’s all available from one retailer with free shipping, too. It’s a wood smoker box, so you can turn your propane BBQ into a smoker. You can get him all different flavors of wood chips so he can experiment and do his thing. Marty lives for stuff like this. Your dude probably doesn’t even know this exists, but if he did, he’d be intrigued. I know not all guys are into BBQing, but mine definitely is! I have gotten him a 6-pack of beer to go under the tree every single year since we’ve been together. This set up + the beer would make an awesome “man crate” if you put it all together in a cool box.


“Man Slippers”

Marty’s had 3-4 pairs of these over the years & has never changed his mind about them. He wears them all the time at home, to take the garbage out, sometimes on a midnight run to the store, etc. You can find them on the floor somewhere in our house at all times, because he uses them constantly. He wears boots all day, so he can appreciate some comfy slippers, no doubt.

If I think of anything else or get any ideas from Marty over the next couple days, I will try to add them. I will say this – Every time I’ve gotten Marty a gift that he DIDN’T ask for, he’s loved it. Every. Single. Time. So don’t stress yourself out trying to find the perfect gift for your man. Keep it simple & he’ll love whatever you get him. Happy Shopping!

















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