Staple Closet Pieces

I’ve been asking what you all want to see more of on the blog & I’m finally going to start tackling those requests! One of the most requested topics is staple closet pieces. Things that are absolutely crucial for me to style outfits and get dressed w/o losing my mind. Staple pieces can be different for everyone but I also believe that even if everyone owned the same exact staple pieces, you would never know. These aren’t the “star of the show” items. They’re the parts of an outfit that don’t stand out but are crucial as a solid base for all the “fun” parts of an outfit that show your individual personality & style. This also means that these pieces are sometimes investment pieces & can be spendy. But they’ll last and are 100% worth the investment if you take good care of them and treat them like the MVP that they are. Invest in your closet and you’ll be that much more excited to get up, get dressed & get out, everyday. When you look good, you feel good.

First up – A good pair of “goes w/ everything” jeans. I love jeans in all shades & washes, but there’s something “easy” about a good medium wash pair of high-waist skinny jeans with minimal or no distressing. They are my personal go-to when I have an outfit idea that is fun but requires a bottom that won’t make it too busy or too dressy. Jeans with a really dark wash can make a casual outfit look more dressy, which is not my “everyday style, although I do love a good dark jean for an evening outfit. I always, always go for the high-waist style at any retailer. I have two favorite pairs, one on the spendy side, one that’s not as expensive. I’ll link them here.

Investment Medium Wash Skinnies (left above)

Here they are on me (below). These are the #1 most asked about clothing item I own. I bought them this summer and have gotten questions about them every single time I’ve posted a picture in them. They’ve sold out several times since then, as well. Always size down one size in this brand. The best part about these jeans is that they fit the same at the end of the day as they do in the morning. No end of day ass sag with these jeans! lol

& the budget friendly pair is also amazing, although I just barely got them so I haven’t worn them yet, but I will add pictures in the next couple days! I always buy my true size at this retailer and have never had an issue! Great quality for this price point! Good jeans for less than $50? Yes please.

UGG boots. Y’all. I literally do not care how “basic” these are. They are comfortable, versatile, WARM & they hold up really well if you take care of them. I always put mine back in the box for the winter & they still look brand new on year two. There are tons of different styles, but if you’re purchasing them for warmth & versatility purposes, I would stick with the Classic Style or the Bailey Button style.

Classic Tall // Bailey Button // Classic Short

My absolute favorite UGG color is Fawn, but Chestnut & Black are also very versatile. Here are a few pictures of my Fawn Bailey Button UGGs. I also have them in Chestnut but don’t reach for them as often.

The perfect boyfriend fit v-neck is another crucial part of my closet. In a hurry? Grab one and throw a cardigan over it. Instant outfit. Have a flannl, jacket, sweater, etc that’s a statement on it’s own and need something plain to go under? V-neck. Tied in a knot or worn down, the perfect, simple top for anyone and any outfit. Here are my current favs from two different retailers. They’re all currently on sale for less than $12, some less than $10.

Striped Tee // Heathered Grey Tee // Rose-Colored Tee // Olive Tee

Here (above) are photos of me wearing the shirt linked under “Heathered Grey” & “Rose” above. These colors are no longer available, but it is the same shirt.

& here (below) are photos of the “striped” & “olive” tee. It is also no longer available in this color, but is the most worn shirt in my closet. I reach for it every time it’s clean!


A single cardigan can be used in 100 different outfits if you choose the perfect one. I have a couple that I really, really love. But one good grey/cream cardigan can do the trick. I’m a chunky, cozy, oversized cardigan kind of person, so that’s what I’ll be sharing here. I also have an entire post about sweaters, which you can find here.  Both of these cardigans come in several color options as well.

Waffle Cardigan w/ Buttons // Cable Cardigan w/o Buttons

Here’s the cardigan on the right, on me.


I have other staple pieces in my closet, like a good puffer vest, rain boots & sneakers, but I’ll add them soon! XO

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