Sweater Try-On

I went in-store today to try on a few sweaters I’ve been eyeing online. I found three really great sweaters that all come in soo many good colors. I’ll link them along with some outfit inspiration below. If you don’t currently have an AE connected account, I can send you a 20% coupon. But please remember to copy the code and then shop using my links (shameless plug). Just DM me and I’ll send it to you!

P.S. My photos are officially clickable now! You’re welcome! Haha.


Shop Here // This impossibly soft cable knit sweater definitely lives up to it’s name! Definitely the softest one I tried on. I’m wearing an XS here, and LOVE the fit, but could also size up to a small if I wanted it a little slouchier. I love that the sleeves are plenty long! I always run into problems with sweaters having short sleeves but not this one! Below is one way I would style it, but the options are endless with a sweater like this.

IMG_3752  img_3556.jpg  img_3081.png



Shop Here // This chenille turtleneck sweater is amazing. This color is “unicorn” and I couldn’t be more obsessed. I’m also loving the charcoal and cream colors that this one comes in. I’m wearing an XS and it is perfectly oversized. Covers my butt just fine, perfect sleeve length  the turtleneck is nice and loose. AKA  no claustrophobic feelings. Could also be worn a million and one ways.

IMG_3330  IMG_3952  IMG_3951


Shope Here // There’s just something about a perfect cream colored cable knit sweater. So winter-y and clean. This one is THAT sweater for me. I absolutely love that it’s the perfect length for tucking in, too. It’s not itchy or too thick, just right. Ahhhh.

IMG_3285   img_3744-e1544518863937.jpg  IMG_3088

All three of these sweaters and their different color options are extremely versatile, and could be styled endless ways. I have a whole post of different booties here! And so many other outfit inspiration boards that you could mix in with these sweaters! I also have several pairs of favorite jeans linked in other posts. Here are a few to check out!

Winter Accessories // 12/3 Outfit Inspo

Cozy December Outfit Inspo // All the best crossbody bags!






























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